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A-dec First Impressions | Mattson Hellickson Dental Customer Story

Duration 2:37

Eager to take their dental office design to the next level, Drs. Samuel Mattson and Ben Hellickson choose A-dec dental equipment to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry. Now the updated, modern, and inviting dental office space at Mattson Hellickson Dental both comforts patients and inspires staff.

Video transcript

My name is Dr. Samuel Mattson. Born and raised just outside of Portland, Oregon. I'm in a little suburb called Beaverton—that's currently where our practice is located.

I think the main factor and why we wanted to renovate and upgrade our office is we're always looking for opportunities to take our practice to the next level. Finding a new space and renovating it to, you know, the standard that we want to treat our patients was, I think, the main factor of why we wanted to move. It's really easy for dentists to live in the past, and say, “This is what worked for me, this is what's worked for me for 10 to 15 years, and I'm just going to keep doing it that way.” And we wanted to completely restart and be like, hey, this is—I want it to be 20 years from now, and still be at the cutting edge.

Our new A-dec chairs for example, just being able to preset some of the positions of the patient, it saves, you know, a couple minutes. The patients have said how much more comfortable they are. That, along with, kind of the setup of our of our office—with the different screens, and the ability for my assistants to be doing some of the note-taking at the same time, where they don't have to move at all. Everything's very efficient in the actual operatories. That has completely changed our practice—the way we do things. And in a good way.

Being that A-dec is an Oregon-based company, that was really important to us. We’ve known the Austin’s for a long time. They're big in the community here. Not only that, in our opinion, they're, you know, the world-class manufacturer of dental equipment. And after walking through the A-dec design studio, we just fell in love with their equipment, and I'm really glad we decided to go that route. You will recoup whatever investment, whatever money that you put towards this. It is already paying dividends. We've been here for less than two years, and we are already light years ahead of where I thought we were going to be. This has been a really good investment for us, and I would encourage, you know, any dentist to invest in themselves.

If you build a warm inviting facility, your patients are going to start telling people about it. If you're unsatisfied with, you know, your existing career, or, you know, kind of the setup of your office, or the equipment, you know, life's too short. Do it now. I know, in my career, I've almost been in practice for 20 years and it's reinvigorated my career. There were times at my old office where, you know—Monday mornings weren't as fun as they are now. If you have that dream, take steps to achieve that dream. Don't wait.