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A-dec 300 LED dental light with green A-dec 500 dental chair
A-dec 300 LED Dental Light with lights on

A-dec 300 LED Dental Light. Accurate. Economical. Reliable.

A value-priced LED dental light that doesn't compromise on optical fidelity or reliable performance.

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A-dec 300 LED dental light illuminating dental chair

Improved Vision

The A-dec 300 LED dental light floods the oral cavity with light and provides a light intensity of up to 25,000 lux.

Unparalleled Ergonomics

Designed for comfort, the A-dec 300 LED dental light easily glides into the exact position needed for optimal illumination during any procedure.
A hand positioning the A-dec 300 dental light
Inside the A-dec 300 LED dental light

Low Heat, No Noise

Because the A-dec 300 LED dental light doesn't emit radiant heat or require a fan for cooling, it's both comfortable and quiet.

A-dec 300 LED Dental Light Features

Stadium-style lighting with 4 bright white LEDs. Reduces shadowing.

Three-axis of rotation including 540ยบ of horizontal light head adjustment. Provides unlimited barycentric positioning.

Two light intensity settings. Features two intensity settings of 8,000 and 25,000 lux.

No radiant heat. Produces 51 BTUs (halogen average 325 BTUs).

Composite/low mode. Allows more work time with 8,000 lux (slow cure).

Integrated with A-dec touchpad. Controlled via push button on light head or through the A-dec touchpad.

Long lifespan. Never change a light bulb. A-dec LED lights have a life expectancy of 40,000 hours (~20 years).

Lights oral cavity, not patient's eyes. 3.8" x 5.7" at 27.6" focal distance (95 mm x 145 mm at 700 mm).

A-dec 300 LED dental light with lights off
A-dec 300 LED Dental Light
Type of stadium lighting 4 bright white LEDS
Light intensity High: 25,000 lux. Low: 8,000 lux
Thermal Output 51 BTUs
Composite mode Yes - 8,000 lux (slow cure)
Color Temperature 5,000 Kelvins
Light pattern 3.8” x 5.7” at 27.6” focal distance
Feathered edge Yes
Lifespan 40,000 hours (~20 years)
Rotational axes 3-axis: horizontal, vertical, diagonal
Compatibility A-dec 400 and A-dec 300 dental chairs

A-dec 300 LED Dental Light Mounting Options

Radius chair-mount

Radius mount for A-dec 400 and A-dec 300 dental chairs
A-dec 300 LED dental light mounted on A-dec 300 dental chair

Support center-mount

Mounts to the A-dec 300 support center
A-dec 300 dental light mounted on support center


Mounts to ceilings from 8’ to 10’ (2,438 mm to 3,048 mm) in height 
A-dec 300 LED dental light on ceiling track mount


Mounts to ceilings from 8’ to 12’ (2,438 mm to 3,658 mm) in height
A-dec 500 LED dental light mounted to ceiling


Folds against wall or above dental cabinet when not is use
A-dec 500 LED dental light mounted to an A-dec Inspire dental cabinet

What mounting options do I have available to me?
A-dec offers a variety of LED light mounting options. Choose from Radius chair-mount, support center-mount, central or wall/side cabinet-mount, ceiling-mount or track-mount.

What is the warranty on A-dec dental lights?
A-dec is pleased to offer a 5-year warranty for all dental lights purchased from an authorized A-dec dealer. See A-dec, Inc. Express Limited Warranty for full warranty information.

Do A-dec dental lights have variable brightness levels?
The A-dec 300 LED light has two light intensity settings including one composite/low intensity for slow curing. 

What is the cost of an A-dec dental light?
For current pricing, request a quote from your local A-dec dealer.

For A-dec LED operatory lights, what is the color temperature of the light?
A-dec LED lights produce a clean, white light that at 5,000K (Kelvins) replicates natural sunlight. 

What is the importance of high fidelity operatory lighting in a dental setting?
Reference A-dec’s Use of Light Emitting Diodes in Dental Operatory Lighting White Paper to better understand the clinical benefits to dental practitioners.

How do I make use of the features on my A-dec 300 LED Dental Lights?
Reference the A-dec 300 LED Dental Light Instructions For Use for specifics on how to fully utilize the features of this dental light.

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