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Air compressor for mechanical room

Oil-Free Dental Air Compressors. Smaller. Quieter. Powerful.

Up to 70% smaller than other dental compressors, our stackable design saves valuable space and is ultra-quiet, ensuring a serene environment without sacrificing power.

Currently available in U.S. only.

Variable User Technology

Leading-edge electronics sense the number of users and adjust to meet the air demand rather than producing and storing large volumes of air unnecessarily.

It manages the load across motors to help extend the life of your compressor and increase the value of your investment.

Intelligent Controls

Acting as your equipment's dashboard, a modern touch screen gives you full control while providing you with real-time feedback on your system's performance and health. It also allows your equipment to be monitored from the factory.

Low Maintenance Dry Air

Because all of our dental compressors utilize innovative compact and efficient drying and filtration cartridges, you won’t have to worry about dust or moisture in your lines. You can enjoy cool, clean and dry air for five years before the recommended service.

Oil-Free Dental Air Compressor Features

Upgradeable and expandable design. Allow you to increase the size and capacity of the compressor. As your dental practice grows, so can your compressor.

Dual-chambered, Advanced Absorbent Media Sheets and filtration system. Help eliminate dust or moisture in your lines.

Best-in-class system components. Exceed dental recommended guidelines resulting in long-lasting reliability. 

Stackable. Saves valuable space.

Dental air compressor features
Model SC3 SC5 SC7 SC10 SC12
Max. Users 3 5 7 10 12
Dimensions (W/D/H) 23" x 23" x 27.5" 23" x 23" x 27.5" 23" x 23" x 27.5" 23" x 23" x 39" 23" x 23" x 39"
Max. CFM @ 80 PSI 3.7 5.8 7.6 8.8 10.6
PSI Range 86-106 86-106 86-106 86-106 86-106
Total HP 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0
Sound dB(A)* 58.6 59.4 60.6 61.4 61.7
Amps 13/7/6 18/8/7 23/13/11 29/18/15 35/20/18
Voltage 120/208/240V
3W+PE +/-10%
3W+PE +/-10%
3W+PE +/-10%
3W+PE +/-10%
3W+PE +/-10%
Warranty 5-year 5-year 5-year 5-year 5-year
*Increase Sound level by 1 dB(A) if compressor top plate is removed. Cooling fan only (no pumps running) is 54.1 dB(A).
Dental air compressor and vacuum duo

Complete Systems for your Dental Office Mechanical Room

Purchase a complete system and save! Includes dental compressor, dental vacuum, and controls – touchscreen or push-button. For more information including pricing, contact your A-dec dealer.

Mechanical Room Equipment Options

SMART Shield Touch Screen control panel 

Manage and monitor your mechanical room with just a touch.

The control panel allows for easy, icon-based operation of your equipment. At a glance, you can see the operational status of your equipment throughout the day.

Touch screen control panel

LED push-button controls

Control your air, vacuum, and water with a remote switch conveniently located in the office. Customizable to fit your dental practice needs.

LED push button controls


Router for internet connectivity. Includes 5 ports: 1 for dental office network, 4 for equipment.

Smart hub allows internet connectivity for dental air compressor

Guardian Remote Monitoring

Provides a key step towards a zero downtime mechanical room. Operating conditions are recorded and securely uploaded to our cloud servers via a standard internet connection.

Data is constantly monitored in a twofold process: algorithms continuously watch every data point while data is graphed and trended. This allows changes over time to be recognized.

Guardian remote monitoring for the dental mechanical room