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Oil-Free Dental Air Compressors

Generate clean, dry air. Not noise.

After reliability, noise levels might be the most important consideration for your mechanical room. With their compact design and oil-free operation, A-dec dental air compressors are considerably quieter than other brands.

In fact, A-dec oil-free air compressors generate fewer decibels than a face-to-face office conversation—and include a built-in sound cover at no extra charge.

Currently available in U.S. only.

A-dec five year warranty

Compact and modular

Significantly smaller than other dental compressors, the space-saving design allows you to stack a dry vacuum or additional compressors on top.

Smart performance

Leading-edge electronics automatically sense the number of active users, adjusting to meet air demand when and where it's needed. Managing the load evenly across pumps extends compressor life.

Intelligent controls

A full-control touch screen delivers real-time feedback on system performance and health. Optional remote monitoring ensures extra peace of mind.

Easy scalability

As your practice grows, so can your compressor power. Easily upgrade the system size and capacity at any time to support more users.

Low maintenance

Innovative drying and filtration cartridges only need replacement once every five years. And annual filter changes are fast and easy.

Oil-free dental air compressor features

Upgradeable and expandable design. Allow you to increase the size and capacity of the compressor. As your dental practice grows, so can your compressor.

Dual-chambered, advanced absorbent media sheets and filtration system. Help eliminate dust or moisture in your lines.

Best-in-class system components. Exceed dental recommended guidelines resulting in long-lasting reliability. 

Stackable. Saves valuable space.

Dental air compressor features
Model SC3/SC3.120 SC5/SC5.120 SC7 SC10 SC12
Max. users 3 5 7 10 12
Dimensions (W/D/H) 23" x 23" x 27.5" 23" x 23" x 27.5" 23" x 23" x 27.5" 23" x 23" x 39" 23" x 23" x 39"
Weight (lbs) 149 177 193 265 279
PSI Range 86-106 86-106 86-106 86-106 86-106
Total HP 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0
Sound dB(A)* 58.6 59.4 60.6 61.4 61.7
Amps 6/11 8.8/16.2 11.1 14.1 16.5
Voltage 230/120 230/120 230 230 230
Warranty 5-year 5-year 5-year 5-year 5-year
*Increase Sound level by 1 dB(A) if compressor top plate is removed. Cooling fan only (no pumps running) is 54.1 dB(A).
Dental air compressor and vacuum duo

Complete systems for your dental office mechanical room

Purchase a complete system and save! Includes dental air compressor, dental vacuum, water control valve, and mechanical room controls. For more information including pricing, contact your A-dec dealer.

Can I run a mill with an A-dec compressor?
There are certain mill units that are compatible with the A-dec compressor, such as the E4D/Planmill along with others that require a low volume of air at normal dental pressure settings. Please check with A-dec Customer Service for compatibility.

There are other mills that require much larger volumes of air at higher than normal PSI minimums that are normal in dental operation. These mill motor systems are often driven by air vs. electricity creating greater demand. Traditional dental compressors found in the market today were not designed for these mills. While PSI can often be adjusted up, these compressors must work much longer to accommodate the long mill operating times, sometimes lasting over 1 hour.

Most all dental compressors are rated with a particular duty cycle that is not compatible with these longer run time demands. Duty cycle refers to the start/stop normal operation a compressor needs to cool down between run times. This duty cycle % should be published by the manufacturer. For example, a 50% duty cycle may be rated on a particular compressor. Exceeding the manufacturer's recommended duty cycle will lead to premature failure in the compressor.

What am I able to stack to maximize my space in the mechanical room?
You are able to stack an A-dec vacuum on an A-dec SC3, SC5, or SC7 air compressor. You also are able to stack an A-dec SC3, SC5, or SC7 air compressor on top of another SC3, SC5, SC7 compressor. You are unable to stack anything on an A-dec SC10 or SC12 compressor.

What is the operating PSI range of the A-dec compressor?
The operating PSI for A-dec compressors is 86 to 106 PSI.

What maintenance does the mechanical room equipment need?
The A-dec dry vacuums and A-dec oil-free air compressors need a service kit once a year. The compressor needs the dryer media replaced every 5 years.