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Dental Dry Vacuum Systems

A powerful choice for aerosol management

The A-dec dental dry vacuum uses Regenerative Side Channel Blower technology to deliver the essential combination of excellent suction and powerful airflow, moving high volumes of air quickly and efficiently—so you and your staff can feel comfortable in the operatory.

Currently available in U.S. only.

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A-dec five year warranty

Smart performance

Variable user technology senses the number of active users, adapting vacuum performance in real time to deliver suction and air flow exactly where needed.

Ultra-small footprint

Designed with the smallest footprint in the industry, the vacuum system can be stacked on the compressor to save additional space.

Strong and responsive

Powerful dual-impeller systems ensure a quick, powerful suction response when engaged.

Save money and energy

Variable speed technology consumes less power than wet vacuums. And with reduced water and sewer costs, the system can pay for itself over the life of the machine.

Built to last

With just one moving part, the direct-drive motor lasts up to 20,000 operating hours without maintenance.

Environmentally friendly

Made with the planet in mind, the vacuum works with any amalgam separation system, to help keep mercury out of wastewater.

Dental vacuum system features

Dual impeller system. Gives operators a strong, quick suction response when called upon.

Amalgam separation system. Works well with any amalgam separation system.

Stackable. Stacks directly on top of our uniquely-designed dental air compressor to save valuable space.

Dental vacuum system for dental mechanical room
Model DV5 DV7 DV10 DV12
Max. users* 5 7 10 12
Dimensions (W/D/H) 18" x 19.5" x 49.5" 18" x 19.5" x 49.5" 18" x 19.5" x 49.5" 18" x 19.5" x 49.5"
CFM @ 8″Hg 35 57 74 92
Set ″Hg 10 10 10 10
Total HP 1.7 1.7 3.4 3.4
Sound db(A) Average 57.4 57.4 58.3 58.3
Sound db(A) Max 62.8 70.0 63.2 70.5
Full Load Amps 9.8 15 17 17
BTU/ Hr Max 5700 6800 8700 10436
Voltage 200-240 VAC 200-240 VAC 200-240 VAC 200-240 VAC
Warranty 5-year 5-year 5-year 5-year
*Models may be ordered as a twin to serve double the recommended users.
Dental air compressor and vacuum duo

Complete systems for your dental office mechanical room

Purchase a complete system and save! Includes dental air compressor, dental vacuum, water control valve, and mechanical room controls. For more information including pricing, contact your authorized A-dec dealer.

What is the benefit of a dry vacuum vs. a wet vacuum?
Water usage is extremely high (along with the utility cost) with a wet vacuum and very wasteful of natural resources.  Electrical costs are another savings when using the A-dec variable-speed dry vacuum.

What am I able to stack to maximize my space in the mechanical room?
You are able to stack an A-dec vacuum on an A-dec SC3, SC5, or SC7 air compressor. You also are able to stack an A-dec SC3, SC5, or SC7 air compressor on top of another SC3, SC5, SC7 compressor. You are unable to stack anything on an A-dec SC10 or SC12 compressor.

What maintenance does the mechanical room equipment need?
The A-dec dry vacuums and A-dec oil-free air compressors need a service kit once a year. The compressor needs the dryer media replaced every 5 years.