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Dental dry vacuum system in the dental mechanical room

Dental Dry Vacuum System. Designed for Your Bottom Line.

The energy-efficient dry vacuum combined with variable speed technology reduces your power consumption by as much as 70% compared to wet systems. Add in the elimination of water and sewer costs, and this dental vacuum system can pay for itself in as little as three years, with savings that extend for the life of the product.

Currently available in U.S. only. 

Variable User Technology

This revolutionary dental vacuum system senses the number of users and equipment in use, to adapt to the vacuum requirements in real time.

Small Footprint

The dental dry vacuum system has the smallest footprint in the industry .

Designed to Last Longer

The direct drive vacuum motor with one moving part is built to last up to 20,000 operating hours without maintenance. This translates to approximately ten years before support is required. 

Dental Vacuum System Features

Dual impeller system. Gives operators a strong, quick suction response when called upon.

Amalgam separation system. Works well with any amalgam separation system.

Stackable. Stacks on our uniquely-designed dental air compressor to save valuable space.

Dental vacuum system for dental mechanical room
Model DV5 DV7 DV10 DV12
Max. Users* 5 7 10 12
Dimensions (W/D/H) 18" x 19.5" x 48.5" 18" x 19.5" x 48.5" 18" x 19.5" x 48.5" 18" x 19.5" x 48.5"
CFM @ 8″Hg 35 57 74 92
Set ″Hg 10 10 10 10
Total HP 2.3 3.0 3.4 4.1
Amps Max. 14.1 20.6 22.0 24.0
Voltage 200-240 VAC 200-240 VAC 200-240 VAC 200-240 VAC
Warranty 5-year, 10,000 hour 5-year, 10,000 hour 5-year, 10,000 hour 5-year, 10,000 hour
*Models may be ordered as a twin to serve double the recommended users.
Dental air compressor and vacuum duo

Complete Systems for your Dental Office Mechanical Room

Purchase a complete system and save! Includes dental compressor, dental vacuum, and controls – touchscreen or push-button. For more information including pricing, contact your authorized A-dec dealer.

A-dec Mechanical Room Equipment Options

SMART Shield Touch Screen control panel

Manage and monitor your mechanical room with just a touch.

The control panel allows for easy, icon-based operation of your equipment. At a glance, you can see the operational status of your equipment throughout the day.

Touch screen control panel for dental vacuum

LED push-button controls

Control your air, vacuum, and water with a remote switch conveniently located in the office. Customizable to fit your dental practice needs.

LED push button controls


Router for internet connectivity. Includes 5 ports: 1 for dental office network, 4 for equipment.

SMART hub for dental vacuum

Guardian Remote Monitoring 

Provides a key step towards a zero downtime mechanical room. Operating conditions are recorded and securely uploaded to our cloud servers via a standard internet connection.

Data is constantly monitored in a twofold process: algorithms continuously watch every data point while data is graphed and trended. This allows changes over time to be recognized.

Remote monitoring for dental vacuum