A-dec dental operatory

A-dec Infection Control Solutions

Effective solutions for a healthy and efficient dental operatory environment.

A-dec Dental Face Shield

A-dec Dental Face Shield

Light, breathable protection designed specifically for dental professionals.

A-dec Protect and Sanitize Station

A-dec Protect and Sanitize Station

Create a healthier waiting room environment with easy-to-access hygiene supplies for patients.

Lexa Sterilizer

Lexa Sterilizer

Achieve best-practice sterilization with patented technology and flexible loading options.

A-dec ICX for infection control

ICX Waterline Treatment Tablets

A simple, effective, and affordable solution for waterline maintenance.
A-dec Inspire dental cabinets with ICV

ICV Vacuum-Line Cleaning

This convenient vacuum-line cleaning system saves precious time‚Äďall while extending the life of your vacuum lines.
Optimal Infection Control

Sterilization Solutions

Learn more about products and resources to help you protect your patients and team.

Online CE Courses

Free Online CE Courses

Topics include dental office design, ergonomics, and optimal operatory lighting.
Townie Choice Awards

Dentists Vote A-dec Best in Class

Learn why dentists consistently choose A-dec dental equipment.