A-dec Dental Equipment

A-dec dental equipment operatory in DSO practice

A-dec—An Investment in Your Success

A-dec is committed to giving dentists the tools they need to do what they do best with dental packages created and priced exclusively for DSO settings.

Thoughtful designs provide a consistently comfortable patient experience. Rich feature sets support productivity and efficiency. Innovative engineering allows easy integration of clinical devices, with the flexibility to accommodate future technologies.

Because when your business moves smoothly, your patients stay healthy. And so does your bottom line.

Long-term value = low cost of ownership

Feeling the pressure to get the most out of your equipment budget? While it’s easy to focus on price alone, that’s only part of the cost equation. Unreliable equipment that’s constantly breaking down or out of service cuts into your profit margin.

As you look at your options, remember to factor in reliability, maintenance, downtime, parts availability, and lead times into your decision. When you do, you’ll see A-dec’s exceptional long-term value makes it a wise investment.

Acquisition cost
Maintenance cost
Product life (in years)
Total cost of ownership

Reliability supports your profitability

The quality of your dental equipment can have a direct impact on your profitability. Any time an operatory is down, your organization is losing money.

Every A-dec dental chair, dental light, and delivery system is designed, engineered, produced, and tested in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. By controlling the entire process, A-dec can ensure total quality, down to the last bolt.

Our equipment is tested to last at least 20 years, and designed for easy integration of new technologies now, and well into the future. That’s why A-dec is legendary for long-lasting reliability and trusted performance.

A-dec employee at work manufacturing dental equipment
Pacific A-dec dental chair in dental operatory

Easy to install and maintain

Even the best dental products in the world won’t perform well without correct installation. A-dec invests more than any other dental manufacturer to train our authorized dealers, sales and service personnel.

With the largest field and customer support team in the industry, your practices will get timely answers about the correct use and maintenance of their equipment. We will even help you develop a customized training program.

Beyond this, A-dec designs and engineers every piece of equipment with service technicians in mind. Continually refining, improving, and simplifying A-dec equipment ensures that technicians will always have the right tools on hand to solve any maintenance issues quickly.

A trusted choice worldwide

A-dec is the preferred choice for more than 80% of North American dental schools. And, chosen more often than all other manufacturers combined for dental schools and government clinics in over 100 countries worldwide.

Considering the rigorous selection process for public bids and tenders involving educators, administrators, dentists, accountants, procurement officers, property engineers, volumes of third-party data—and lengthy evaluation periods—that’s a lot of criteria to pass.

A-dec is typically not the “lowest bid” product. Yet even institutions on fixed or very tight budgets select A-dec more often than any other brand, based on the combination of quality, reliability, years of service, and low total cost of ownership.

Dental schools and clinics with A-dec dental equipment

Your partner in productivity

As the world’s leading dental equipment manufacturer, A-dec is focused on creative, reliable solutions that support your success. Our dedicated DSO team is here to provide you with exceptional service.

Whatever the challenge, whatever the need, and wherever you’re located, A-dec is ready to be your true partner in productivity.

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A-dec 500 Fleet package for DSO

A-dec 500 Fleet packages

Configurable for your needs and exclusively available for DSO, A-dec 500 Fleet packages start with our most comfortable chair and offer a range of customizable options—together with legendary A-dec quality and reliability.

A-dec 300 Fleet Traditional dental delivery system

A-dec 300 Fleet packages

A chair-mounted solution featuring pre-configured modules that are easy to order and provides exceptional value. Exclusively available to DSOs.

A-dec 300 Pro Radius dental delivery system

A-dec 300 Pro delivery system

This highly configurable system offers a flexible design, accessible comfort, and evolved performance. The intuitive user interface and optional A-dec+ connectivity are designed to enhance efficiency.

A-dec 300 Fleet 12 o'clock dental delivery system

A-dec 300 Fleet 12 o’clock duo delivery system

Choose from four easy-to-order configurations. Accommodates up to five integrated clinical devices. Creates an uncluttered, inviting patient experience. Exclusively available to DSOs.