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A-dec 500 Pro Delivery Systems

Experience a new level of connection

New thinking, new possibilities

With A-dec+, an updatable software platform, the A-dec 500 Pro delivery gives you the digital foundation for whatever lies ahead.

It's a new level of connection.

A-dec 5 year warranty

Dynamic simplicity

With a 7" glass touchscreen, the Dynamic Screen 7 (DS7) displays only the information you need when you need it.

Explore the DS7

A-dec DS7 control touchscreen with dynamic simplicity
A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system with intelligent control

Intelligent control

Intuitive, connected equipment is consistent and predictable. The technology keeps up with you—not the other way around.


Flexible integration

A-dec products are engineered to last, but technology is ever-changing. The ability to integrate new clinical capabilities with the existing platform means your equipment can evolve with you—and your practice.

A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system with flexible integration
A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system offering optimal access for dentists

Optimal access

Everything you need is easy to position and comfortably within reach. Close-in to your patient, your posture is healthy, your view is clear, and your reach is minimal.

Ready to learn more?

Talk to our experts. Your A-dec Territory Manager is here to answer your questions and ensure you get the best solution for your dental practice.

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A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system video

Dental delivery system choices

Which delivery system is right for you?


The Radius delivery and support modules quickly and easily rotate around the dental chair for complete left/right compatibility.

Mounts on A-dec 500 dental chairs only.

Available in Continental and Traditional styles.

A-dec 500 Pro continental delivery system

12 o'clock duo

When patients enter an operatory with an uncluttered, stand-alone dental chair, anxiety is instantly reduced. Includes an ample worksurface and six positions on the delivery arm. Assistant's instrumentation rotates around the worksurface.

Designed for use with A-dec Inspire and Preference Collection treatment consoles. Standalone option also available.

A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system on 12 O'clock cabinet mount
A-dec 500 continental delivery system

All Around Ergonomic Comfort

Upgrade to Continental

Get unsurpassed ergonomics. Handpieces—even electrics—feel light. Eliminates pull-back on the handpiece resulting in less fatigue. Easily retrieve and return handpieces and other instruments without taking your focus away from the oral cavity.

Available on Radius only.


Introducing the Dynamic Screen 7

With a 7" durable glass screen and advanced responsive surface, the doctor’s Dynamic Screen 7 (DS7) offers a simplified interface, system diagnostics, and software updates. Pair it with an assistant's Control Pad 5 (CP5) and connect the whole team.

A-dec Dynamic Screen 7

example image

A-dec+ connected dentistry

Simple. Reliable. Intuitive. Imagine an updatable software platform that keeps your dental practice ready for whatever lies ahead. It's all included with the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system.

Explore A-dec+

Integrated options

Get intuitive, seamless integration of all your current devices plus the ability to add future integrations through software updates.

KaVo KL 703

Compact and lightweight, the KaVo INTRA LUX KL 703 LED electric motor provides constant torque for fatigue-free comfort and endless power. Rotary and reciprocating endo enabled. Applications: general restorative, prophylaxis, and endodontics. Integrates into the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system with a DS7 touchscreen.

A-dec 501

Responsive and lightweight, the A-dec 501 electric motor offers a full range of speeds, allowing you to work with more precision and consistency—and less fatigue. Applications: general restorative, prophylaxis, and endodontics. Integrates into the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system with a DS7 touchscreen.

Electric motor dental handpiece on A-dec 500 Pro delivery system

Acteon intraoral cameras

Get a sharp image in seconds with Sopro intraoral cameras by Acteon.

SoproCARE. Reveals caries, dental plaque, and gingival inflammation.

Sopro717. Large depth of field from extraoral to macrovision.

Sopro617. Combines high quality images with ease of use.

Intraoral handpiece on A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system

Curing lights

Acteon Satelec Mini LED curing lights efficiently and easily target the light for the most effective cure.

Curing light on A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system

Acteon Satelec

The multi-purpose ultrasonic system from Acteon Satelec delivers balanced, gentle, yet powerful performance for general restorative, prophylaxis and endodontic application.


Integrate your preference of ultrasonic scaling technology into your A-dec delivery system and reduce cords and visible equipment with Cavitron integrated systems. Optimize your treatment room design with the best choice for managing your practice.

Ultrasonic handpiece on A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system

A-dec warm water syringe

Well-balanced and lightweight with flexible tubing, the syringe improves patient comfort with water at just the right temperature.

Warm water handpiece on A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system


Compare with A-dec 300 Pro delivery system


A-dec 500 Pro delivery system Traditional and Continental 12 o'clock duo
Mount options A-dec 511 dental chair (Radius) A-dec Inspire, Preference Collection, standalone
Arm system Positive positioning, balanced flexarm with air brake Independent manual height adjustment for doctor's controls and assistant's worksurface
Integration 15' (4.5 m) USB 2.0 cable
Powered USB hub (optional)
15' (4.5 m) USB 2.0 cable
Powered USB hub (optional)
Ancillary accommodation Up to 6 Up to 5
Handpiece holder positions 5 + syringe 5 + syringe
Left/right conversion Yes Yes
User interface DS7 DS7
Software updatable Yes Yes
Control block 4-position 4-position
Water coolant vaporizer Standard Standard
Quad-voltage intraoral light source Standard Standard
Time display Yes Yes
Timed flush Yes Yes
Foot control Wet/dry disc with chip blower (standard), lever foot control (optional) Wet/dry disc with chip blower (standard), lever foot control (optional)

A-dec 500 assistant’s instrumentation

The Control Pad 5 (CP5) features a flat glass screen with an advanced responsive surface. It offers intuitive, integrated access to timers, chair, and light functions.

12 o'clock assistant's instrumentation

Get built-in comfort and efficiency. The round, height-adjustable worksurface easily moves left to right and pivots horizontally. Instrumentation rotates around the worksurface, and holders independently adjust.

12 O'clock assistant's instrumentation

Radius assistant's instrumentation

This Radius, chair-mounted assistant’s instrumentation provides comfortable access to vacuum instruments and accessories whether you’re working by yourself or with an assistant.

Radius assistant's instrumentation
A-dec 500 Pro delivery system with connectivity lines

Always on the same page

Pairing the doctor's DS7 and assistant's CP5 connects the whole team. Synced settings include chair presets and dental light intensity.

A-dec 500 Pro dental delivery system with A-dec 500 Pro dental chair

Are you ready to explore options?

To ensure you get the best solution for your dental practice, A-dec offers many dental equipment options. Your A-dec Territory Manager can work with you to find the solution that's right for you and your dental team.


How do I get the benefits of A-dec+?
Once you register your A-dec 500 Pro delivery system, you get the benefits of A-dec+. You’ll get future product enhancements via software updates. You’ll also be able to see equipment diagnostics and analytics.

How do I register the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system?
Download the A-dec+ app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Am I required to create an A-dec+ account?
Yes. An A-dec+ account is required to register your A-dec+ enabled equipment, including the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system.

What delivery system mounting options are available?
The A-dec 500 Pro delivery system includes chair-mounted (Continental and Traditional) and cabinet-mounted (rear) delivery system options. Select a delivery system based on where you like to pick up your handpieces.

What is the cost of an A-dec dental delivery system?
You can customize your delivery system with many different equipment options. Request a quote from your local A-dec dealer.

What is the warranty for A-dec dental equipment?
A-dec is pleased to offer a 5-year warranty for new A-dec dental equipment and furniture purchased from an authorized A-dec dealer. See A-dec, Inc. Express Limited Warranty for full warranty information.

How long should a delivery system last?
With proper maintenance and service, A-dec delivery systems are designed and tested for a “service life” of 20 years under normal use. The actual service life can be influenced by factors such as environment, extent of use, cleaning and maintenance frequency, and preventative maintenance of normal service “wear & tear” components. Please review A-dec’s customer warranty for complete details, including applicable disclaimers and limitations of liability.

What is the lifespan of clinical devices including handpieces and curing lights?
Clinical devices such as handpieces and curing lights have a typical lifespan of seven years with proper maintenance and service. A-dec delivery systems incorporate many design features to support the upgrading of clinical devices to maintain the treatment capabilities you require.

How do you order genuine A-dec replacement parts for your delivery system?
To order replacement parts, please contact your local A-dec dealer.

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Compare delivery systems

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A-dec plus connected dentistry

A-dec+ connected dentistry

Imagine an expandable, upgradable technology platform that keeps your A-dec equipment relevant—and you ready—for whatever lies ahead.

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