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A-dec Dental Handpieces and Motors

A-dec Dental Handpieces and Motors

This singular line of motors and attachments is an ideal solution for your essential, day-to-day procedures—and an easy choice to make when you're selecting your A-dec chair, lights, and delivery. 

Enjoy the thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship you expect, backed by legendary customer service and support.

A-dec Low-Speed Air Collection

A-dec low-speed air collection (Class A)

A-dec low-speed air handpieces offer durability and reliable performance, together with comfortable balance in your hand.

  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Extra-slim head and body for improved visibility in the oral cavity
  • High precision gears for quiet operation and reduced vibration
  • Debris defense system prolongs bearing life
  • Paste seal design protects prophy handpiece from residue

A-dec 301 air motor

The A-dec 301 air motor offers a balanced combination of light weight and durability, ideal for everyday procedures.

  • Clean aluminum design
  • Smooth forward and reverse drive functionality 
  • Adjustable speed range up to 22,000 rpm
  • Accommodates E-type non-optic handpieces and contra-angles
A-dec 301 Air Motor
A-dec 501 Electric Motor

A-dec 501 electric motor

The A-dec 501 electric motor enables you to work with more precision and consistency—and less fatigue.

  • Responsive and lightweight
  • Full range of speed
  • Programmable settings for activation, speed, torque and direction
  • Get full integrated endodontic capabilities with the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system or A-dec 300 Pro delivery system with CP5i control pad

An electric motor controller is a required component of the A-dec delivery system, which is configured at the time of your A-dec purchase.

Are A-dec air low-speed handpieces compatible with my existing tubing system?
A-dec air low-speed handpieces attach to a motor with a standard ISO connection. The A-dec 301 motor attaches to a standard 4-hole tubing.

What is the warranty for A-dec handpieces and motors?
A-dec offers a 1-year warranty for our Class A handpieces (A11, A41, A11S and A41P), A-dec 501 electric motor and A-dec 301 air motor.

Where do I get my A-dec handpiece or motor repaired?
A-dec offers factory authorized repair from technicians specifically trained to service A-dec Class A handpieces and A-dec motors (A-dec 501 and A-dec 301). Visit the A-dec Handpiece Repair Center page for more information.