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Mechanical room in dental practice

Dentistry Has Changed. So Has The Mechanical Room.

The best dental office mechanical room? It's the one you never have to think about, and your patients never have to see or hear. A-dec leverages leading-edge technology and design—for a mechanical room that's so quiet, efficient and reliable, you can simply take it for granted.

Currently available in U.S. only.

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A-dec five year warranty
Mechanical room dental air compressor

Dental Air Compressors

Significantly smaller than other dental compressors, the space-saving design allows you to stack a dry vacuum or additional compressors on top. And, it's so quiet no one in the office will even know it's running.

Dental dry vacuum system

Dental Vacuums

A-dec dental vacuums deliver the essential combination of excellent suction and powerful air flow, moving high volumes of air quickly and efficiently—so you and your staff can feel comfortable in the operatory.

Water control value

Water Control Valve

Protect your dental office from a devastating flood with our state-of-the-art  water control valve.

SMART Shield touch screen dental mechanical room controller


Optional advanced A-dec mechanical room controls and technology let you know everything is working just as it should be.

What is the benefit of a dry vacuum vs. a wet vacuum?
Water usage is extremely high (along with the utility cost) with a wet vacuum and very wasteful of natural resources. Electrical costs are another savings when using the A-dec variable-speed dry vacuum.

What am I able to stack to maximize my space in the mechanical room?
You are able to stack an A-dec vacuum on an A-dec SC3, SC5, or SC7 air compressor. You also are able to stack an A-dec SC3, SC5, or SC7 air compressor on top of another SC3, SC5, SC7 compressor. You are unable to stack anything on an A-dec SC10 or SC12 compressor.

What maintenance does the mechanical room equipment need?
The A-dec dry vacuums and A-dec oil-free air compressors need a service kit once a year. The compressor needs the dryer media replaced every 5 years.

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