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A-dec ICX and ICX Renew Dental Waterline Maintenance Solutions

ICX and ICX Renew (U.S. Only)

Patients trust that the water you're using in their oral cavity is of the highest quality. To ensure this, dental unit waterlines must be carefully and consistently maintained. The A-dec line of ICX products helps simplify your waterline cleaning routine.

ICX waterline treatment tablets and ICX Renew waterline shock treatment work together to eliminate buildups of odor-causing, foul-tasting microbial contamination and to prevent future accumulation.

Ready to use and formulated without harsh chemicals, ICX products are an easy, effective way to maintain your dental unit waterlines and equipment—protecting your investment.

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A-dec ICX waterline maintenance tablets

ICX waterline treatment tablets: easy to use

The effervescing ICX formula does the work for you, preventing the accumulation of odor and foul-tasting bacteria. Simply add one tablet to an empty self-contained water bottle before each filling. ICX continues working in the system with each treatment, protecting the waterlines from further contamination and reducing the need for frequent shock treatments.

  • Maintains dental unit waterline effluent ≤ 10 CFU/mL
  • Eliminates odor and foul-tasting bacteria
  • Reduces buildup of deposits
  • Continuously present in water as a preventive, proactive solution
  • Remains active in water up to two weeks during periods of equipment nonuse
  • Eliminates the need to purge waterlines at night
  • Compatible for use with restorative bonding materials
  • Gentle on your dental equipment
ICX Renew Shock Treatment

ICX Renew shock treatment: fast-acting

Fast-acting ICX Renew liquid shock treatment removes odor and foul-tasting bacteria in dental unit waterlines. Just mix the two solutions together into an empty water bottle, run through the lines, and soak overnight. After completing the shock treatment, flush the lines with water and resume your regular use.

  • Penetrates and removes the buildup of odor and foul-tasting bacteria
  • Blue color lets you know the solution is hard at work in the waterlines
  • Non-corrosive and gentle on equipment
  • Will not corrode or clog waterlines
  • Odorless formula

Maintain. Monitor. Shock. Three steps to clean.

Along with a daily waterline maintenance protocol, it's important to monitor water quality and periodically shock the lines to clear deposits and contamination. These three steps help maintain your dental unit waterlines.

  1. Maintain waterlines with the daily use of ICX to prevent accumulation of odor and foul-tasting bacteria.
  2. Regularly monitor dental unit water quality using a water monitoring test kit or laboratory services.
  3. Use ICX Renew to shock the waterlines whenever waterline bacteria levels exceed your established water quality action level.

Download the ICX & ICX Renew Dental Waterline Treatment Brochure for additional details.

How long does ICX last in the water bottle or system?
Intended for use with potable water, ICX remains active in the system for up to two weeks.

Can ICX be used in patient's mouths?
ICX has been formulated to be used in water used for dental treatment and thus may be used in a patient's mouth.

Does ICX comply with the 2017 EPA Effluent Limitations Guideline?
The EPA published an FAQ that clarified confusion regarding which waterlines, and thus associated line cleaners, are subject to the guideline. Based on this clarification, the rule does not apply to ICX as ICX is used in supply waterlines. See the EPA FAQ for more information.

Can ICX be used in oral surgery procedures?
The CDC recommends the use of sterile irrigating solutions and devices designed for delivering sterile irrigating fluids for oral surgery procedures. ICX does not create sterile water and thus is not intended for use during oral surgery.


Each ICX Renew application contains two bottles. Do I use both bottles to treat my dental unit?
Yes, combine the entire contents from Solution 1 and Solution 2 in the dental unit water bottle immediately before treating your unit. Do not premix the two bottles to store for later use.

How frequently should I use ICX Renew?
Before you use new equipment for the first time, apply one treatment. For existing equipment, when water quality test results exceed your water quality action level apply three treatments on successive days. You may use the dental unit between treatments.

Water Quality Testing

What is the recommended dental unit water quality action level?
Guidelines or requirements for dental unit water quality vary by region and are usually specified in colony forming units per millilitre (CFU/ml). A-dec recommends an action level based on the quality guidelines in your region. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended guideline is ≤ 500 CFU/ml heterotrophic water bacteria. If guidelines or requirements are not available in your region, A-dec recommends 500 CFU/ml as an action level.

How frequently should I test my dental unit water quality?
The frequency of water quality testing depends on your water quality goal. A-dec recommends initially testing once per month. If monthly results pass your clinic's water quality goals for three successive months, reduce the testing frequency to once every three months. Water quality should be monitored by performing a test that provides a quantitative measurement of heterotrophic bacteria.

How do I test my dental unit water quality?
A-dec recommends using either an in-office water quality test kit or a water quality testing service that provides a quantitative measurement of heterotrophic bacteria.

Dental Unit Waterlines to Treat

Which dental unit waterlines should be treated with ICX Renew?
Perform the shock treatment in all air/water syringe and handpiece waterlines that use water within the delivery unit and assistant instrumentation. This includes air/water syringe, ultrasonic scalers, and handpiece waterlines on units that are not currently being used.

Treatment Guidelines

How long should ICX Renew be left in dental unit waterlines?
ICX Renew should remain in your dental unit for a minimum of 12 but no longer than 96 hours. See the ICX Renew Instructions for Use for more information on adjusting the application time.

Is it necessary to remove the handpieces, motors, and couplers before applying ICX Renew?
Yes. Remove air/water syringe tips, handpieces, detachable motors and couplers, and ultrasonic instruments from their tubing before adding the solution into the empty water bottle. Clean, disinfect, and sterilize these instruments according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Can I use the vacuum system (HVE/SE) to flush ICX Renew from the waterlines?
No, you must flush ICX Renew into a sink or cuspidor attached to municipal drain.

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