Sterilization - protecting your patients and team

Protecting Your Patients & Team

The sterilization center may be the heart of the practice, but people are the heart of the dental industry.

Nothing is more important than protecting you, your staff and your patients. As you prepare to reopen your practice, we'll be here as always, supporting you with tips for revisiting practice efficiency and sterilization methods, or just planning ahead for when you return to patients full time. Meanwhile, let us be a resource for you and your team as we all prepare for the new normal.

Sterilization protocols for dental

Sterilization - Front & Center

Your patients will now be more concerned than ever about infection control. No longer something to hide away in the backroom, the sterilization center can serve as a good tool to reassure patients about your strict adherence to sterilization protocol.

A-dec Sterilization Center

Sterilization - Workflow and Process

Intuitively and safely guide your dental team through the sterilization process to ensure compliance and keep materials moving efficiently.

Lexa Sterilizer

Instrument Sterilization - Lexa

Combine loads, customize cycles and achieve sterilization best practices with an intuitive, easy-to-use system: the Lexa Sterilizer from W&H. Patented technology delivers bone-dry loads—helping protect your patients and mitigate risk.

Dental CE courses on sterilization

Online CE Courses

We are offering free online CE courses with a range of topics including dental office design, ergonomics, and optimal operatory lighting.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

We've gathered resources for COVID-19 related topics including infection prevention and control. We hope you find these resources helpful.

Sterilization - Workflow and Process

A-dec sterilization centers are organized into functional workspaces, with specified areas for receiving, cleaning, preparation, packaging, sterilization and storage. You can easily group together related steps and simplify the entire sterilization process.

Prevent Cross Contamination

Red infill indicates contaminated. Blue indicates clean. With visual cues and separate storage spaces, dental workers decrease the chance of cross contamination or accidental exposure to microorganisms and contaminants.

A-dec Sterilization Center helps prevent cross-contamination

Follow Recommended Protocol

Load materials and instruments directly from the sterilization center or sterilized storage, deliver them to the treatment room, and return used materials for processing.

Dental workflow process

Streamline Flow

Drawer inserts come in many configurations so you can customize sterilized materials setup to create the most productive flow for your practice.

Dental workflow streamlined with color-coded containers

Contain Spills

Integrated, slide-out waterproof shelf is engineered to accommodate cassette-style autoclaves and protect the cabinet and floor from potential liquid spills.

Contain spills with slide out shelves

Improve Traceability

Connect the Lexa Sterilizer’s optional label printer and automatically print and attach bar code labels to every load, in compliance with CDC package labeling requirements.

Improve dental workflow traceability with Lexa
Dental equipment sterilization with Lexa Sterilizer

Instrument Sterilization – Lexa Sterilizer

Feel Confident. Closed-door vacuum drying keeps the door locked for the entire cycle, while patented steam-condensing vacuum technology produces bone-dry loads.

Relieve Bottlenecks. Lexa's 11” chamber holds four large trays and up to four levels of cassettes, so you can sterilize and dry 18 lbs. of dental instruments in as little as 30 minutes.

Gain Capacity. Lexa's universal 3-in-1 rack offers flexibility. Place pouches on four large trays and up to four levels of cassettes (including surgical and double-decker), vertically and horizontally.

For more information, download the Lexa Sterilizer brochure.