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Out of the Mechanical Room and Into the Spotlight

The A-dec oil-free air compressor may generate fewer decibels, but it created a lot of noise this year…So much so, that it won a 2021 new product award! Thank you for your unfailing support—and your vote of confidence.

New Products: Equipment (A-dec Dental Air Compressor)
Significantly smaller than other dental compressors, the space-saving design of the oil-free A-dec dental air compressor allows you to stack a dry vacuum or additional compressors on top. And, it generates fewer decibels than a normal conversation.

Best in Operatory Equipment 
From dental chairs and delivery systems to lights, stools and cabinets, A-dec equipment is rigorously tested beyond fail to identify potential weak spots years down the road. That means reliable, intuitive products that withstand the rigors of dentistry. 

Dentaltown Townie Award
A-dec operatory equipment award

Best Dental Equipment (2018-2021)

Dental equipment includes dental chairs, delivery systems, lights, stools, and cabinets.
A-dec Mechanical Room dental air compressor

Best New Product (2021)

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A-dec dental delivery system

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A-dec 500 dental light

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A-dec dental stool

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A-dec inspire dental cabinet

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