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Preference dental cabinets and A-dec dental chair

Preference Collection Dental Cabinets

Preference Collection dental cabinets do more than store ancillaries and supplies. They increase productivity and streamline workflow. Plus, Preference Collection dental cabinets withstand the unique demands of a dental operatory.

A-dec five year warranty
Preference dental cabinet pass through

Increases efficiency

Everything in its place and a place for everything. When supplies and accessories are organized and easily accessible, dental operatory efficiency increases.

Promotes asepsis

There's no seam between the solid surface sink, countertop, and backsplash. So, it's easy to clean and won't collect dirt. Knee- and foot-activation systems allow you to turn faucets on and off without using your hands. Hands-free latches on doors and drawers reduce touch points.

Preference dental cabinet countertop without seams

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Preference Collection dental cabinet features

Heavy-gauge steel subbase. Maximizes durability and protects against rust and corrosion.

Molded edgebanding. Seals and protects the edges of all dental cabinet doors and drawers.

2-position USB2 extension port. Provides more flexibility in placing a CPU into the dental operatory.

Soft-close doors and drawers. Allows for smooth and quiet operation.

Built-in cable management system. Allows you to run a cable anywhere in the cabinet.

Hospital-grade, UL-listed outlets, and wiring. Reduces construction costs.

Reinforced steel column. Adds strength and durability.

Solid surface backsplash. Features a smooth and seamless cove that is easily cleaned.

Preference dental cabinet treatment console

Preference Collection treatment console: boost efficiency, work comfortably

Any cabinet can store supplies. But the Preference Collection treatment console increases dental operatory efficiency and protects your health. Quickly and comfortably access accessories and supplies.

Streamline your environment even further when you add the A-dec 500 Pro 12 o'clock duo delivery system. Access everything you need for optimal performance.

Preference dental cabinet treatment console with wild cherry laminate

Preference Collection central console: optimize your dental operatory space

Save enough space to add another dental operatory. Instead of five semi-walled dental operatories, you can now fit six in an open floor plan with Preference Collection central consoles. You’ll also save money. The central console creates a functional wall that reduces expenses allowing you to easily share equipment, utilities, and a wash station between two dental operatories.

Preference dental cabinet central console

Preference Collection accessory console: flexible storage options

From reducing touch points to offering quick and easy access to supplies and equipment, Preference Collection accessory consoles provide flexible storage options built for the unique demands of the dental operatory.

Preference dental cabinet accessory console

Preference Collection upper cabinets: create a patient-friendly environment

Create a relaxing dental operatory experience for your patients with storage solutions that keep supplies and equipment organized and off the countertops.

Preference upper dental cabinet

What A-dec Preference Collection dental cabinet colors are available?
A-dec offers a variety of cabinet color options including laminates, and quartz or solid surface countertops. Explore the options and order samples today.

How do you maintain A-dec Preference Collection dental cabinets?
A-dec recommends the use of barriers when possible. The use of the least harmful EPA-registered disinfectants is suggested when barriers are not possible or when cleaning and disinfection is required. Learn more in the A-dec Equipment Asepsis Guide

How long should A-dec dental cabinets last?
With proper maintenance and service, A-dec dental cabinets are designed and tested for a “service life” of 20 years under normal use. The actual service life can be influenced by factors such as environment, extent of use, cleaning and maintenance frequency, and preventative maintenance of normal service “wear & tear” components. Please review A-dec’s customer warranty for complete details, including applicable disclaimers and limitations of liability.

What is the cost of A-dec Preference Collection dental cabinets?
You can customize your A-dec dental cabinets with many different options. Request a quote from your local A-dec dealer.

What is the warranty for A-dec dental equipment?
A-dec is pleased to offer a 5-year warranty for new A-dec dental equipment and furniture purchased from an authorized A-dec dealer. See A-dec, Inc. Express Limited Warranty for full warranty information.

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