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KaVo Dental Handpieces and Maintenance System

Dental professionals worldwide choose KaVo for the same reason they choose A-dec: absolute trust in the quality and performance the name represents.

Now, when you order an A-dec 500 Pro or A-dec 300 Pro delivery system, you can integrate high-quality KaVo dental handpieces and motors into the configuration right from the start.

Enjoy an exceptional practice experience, with premier equipment that reflects your commitment to superior patient care.

KaVo dental handpiece integration
KaVo Electric Motor KL 703

KaVo electric motor system

Lightweight and compact, the KaVo INTRA LUX KL 703 LED electric motor provides constant torque over the entire speed range for fatigue-free comfort and endless power. It easily integrates into the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system and the A-dec 300 Pro delivery system with a CP5i control pad.

  • Choice of single or dual motors
  • High-speed, low-speed, and torque-controlled rotary and reciprocating endo applications
  • Speed range between 100-40,000 rpm with a 1:1 transmission ratio
  • Brushless and sterilizable

KaVo dental handpieces

A-dec 500 Pro and A-dec 300 Pro delivery systems accommodate a full range of KaVo handpieces:

  • Electric and Air MASTER Series
  • Electric and Air EXPERT Series
  • Electric and Air SMART Series
  • SMARTmatic Series

And because they can be seamlessly integrated when you purchase an A-dec delivery system, it's easy to put precise German design and engineering in the palm of your hand.

KaVo Dental Handpieces
KaVo QUATTROcare System

QUATTROcare dental handpiece maintenance system

The KaVo QUATTROcare Plus handpiece maintenance system cleans, lubricates, and purges your instruments with just the push of a button.

Simple operation and loading make it fast and easy to use, reducing staff downtime.

  • Large capacity
  • Safe, controlled cleaning
  • Economical investment
  • Fast cleaning cycle
  • Chuck care maintenance

What sets KaVo apart?

KaVo is dedicated to creating the best air-driven, electric, and hygiene systems available. Learn more about what sets them apart.

How do I care for my KaVo handpiece?
Cleaning and sterilizing your KaVo handpiece is crucial for effective infection control and handpiece performance. A-dec recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines. See the KaVo Care brochure for more information.

Who do I contact for technical KaVo product questions?
Contact KaVo Technical Support at 1-888-ASK-KAVO and select option 2.

Where can I purchase the KL 703 LED light bulb?
To order replacement parts, contact your local KaVo authorized dealer: Where to Buy | KaVo Dental.

Where do I get my KaVo handpiece or motor serviced and repaired?
KaVo encourages all customers to utilize KaVo Care for repair and service needs. KaVo Care offers lower repair pricing, faster turnaround times, and guarantees genuine KaVo OEM parts. If your preferred dealer does not currently participate with KaVo Care, or your KaVo product is not available through KaVo Care, reach out to an authorized KaVo service center and request that your KaVo product be serviced with original KaVo OEM parts. See KaVo Care for more details.