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A-dec First Impressions | Treehouse Kids Dentist Customer Story

Duration 3:28

Located in Springfield, Oregon, Dr. Erin Estep takes her practice, Treehouse Kids Dentist, to the next level with help from A-dec. Now her custom dental office design equipment offers fun and comfort for her, her dental staff, and her pediatric dental patients.

Video transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin Estep. I own Treehouse Kids Dentist in Springfield, Oregon.

My whole vision and my whole mission of Treehouse, is to build a foundation with these children, where they're lifelong great patients—and they actually enjoy and want to come here. And I guess, for me, that's the biggest sense of accomplishment—is how often we hear that. The majority of parents who come to Treehouse beg us to be patients here.

Your equipment says a lot about you, this is a representation of who I am, and A-dec in particular really spends a lot of time on quality. So, we went with a little bit higher grade of a chair for instance, so that the child doesn't feel any kind of like bouncing. It just has a really nice transition in the whole thing, because a lot of kids don't like to lay back for instance, and so the chairs are really nice and smoothly flowing. And they really spent a lot of time with us with ergonomics, and how it's best for the dentist, the assistant, and then the child, to be able to move throughout the space. A-dec really tailors everything too, there's no stock product. Everything was custom made, to fit this office, and though it may take a little bit longer, especially this day and age, with supply chain issues, it is 100 percent worth the wait.

My favorite piece of equipment actually is the 12 o'clock units that they created for me that were custom made. They designed it to hide the gloves and all of the sterilization equipment inside of the cabinetry, so it just gives it a really nice, fresh look. In pediatrics, you have to have this, you know, open bay concept. And this works really, really well for us. You know, I had several colleagues approach me and say “you know they're pretty expensive, there's other options out on the market.” But I guess when you think about the total investment, and what it means to your practice—to not always have to have technicians coming out and repairing things, messing up your schedule, rescheduling patients because things aren't working—it just disrupts the whole schedule. It disrupts the whole day. I haven’t had a single issue in the two years since we’ve been open. I walk in here with confidence and pride in how beautiful it turned out. And so, when I come into work every day, I'm confident that my equipment is going to work.

I was a little unsure about my ability to kind of use the built-in camera on the unit, and so I just reached out to them and said “hey, is it possible for you guys to come back down one more time and just kind of get the team re-familiarized on how to, you know, and do intraoral pictures with the camera and the computer software program and all of that?” Now we know how to use it, and it's great. So, it's really nice to have a local company like that, who will send somebody at a drop of a hat to come and help you figure out how to best utilize your equipment. To feel that, you know, I'm supported by this company and that they are genuine and that they do really care about you, and I have felt that way. If I ever have an issue, I'm able to talk to somebody right away, and they respond right away, and they genuinely care.

I think the biggest hurdle for me opening my own practice was just having the faith in myself to be able to do it. It's a big undertaking, it's expensive, but you're gonna succeed. Dental offices succeed. All the time. It's very rare that you see them fail, so trust the process. My biggest advice is: don't rush this, you only get one chance to do this right, and that's why I cannot recommend A-dec enough.