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A-dec First Impressions | Gantos Dental Group Customer Story

Duration 2:59

Taking the road less traveled, Dr. Meredith Gantos shares insights about starting her dental practice, Gantos Dental Group, right out of residency. Pushing through fear and uncertainty, she has built a successful practice that puts patients first, guided in part by A-dec's quality dental equipment.

Video transcript

Something I wish I would have known more—when I first started out—is what I'm capable of. And I think so often we sell ourselves short, and we let our fear kind of overshadow, or the unknown, and you know, we second guess ourselves. And I wish I had known then what all I was capable of.

I've been practicing dentistry since 2014. I did a residency from 2014 to 2015 and then I've been in private practice since 2016. So, I’ve actually never worked for anybody else—I went straight from residency, to acquiring a practice and jumping full-fledged in. It's definitely more of an unusual route nowadays. You know, back in the day, that's what everybody did. You know everybody would go to dental school, and then you get out of school and you hang your little sign up, and you go into private practice. But now a days—with the expense of dental school—I think people are much more afraid to take those chances. And I would argue I never overcame the fear, I just pushed through it. It was tremendously scary and a lot of work. And it was really, really difficult. But I think the difference isn't so much that I overcame and I said “oh, I'm gonna face all these fears and push them all behind me”, it was more so like “hey, I have all these fears, but I'm gonna continue regardless”. Because this is ultimately what I want to do.

My philosophy for our practice and just the way I practice dentistry is I really believe if you take really good care of people everything else falls into place. There's a million dentists out there and what really separates different dental offices, I think, is the experience patients have. You're going to get your teeth cleaned no matter where you go. You're going to get your fillings done no matter where you go. It's who's greeting you, and how do you feel when you're in that care. Although I like to think I'm a really great dentist and I do really good dentistry, fortunately most of my patients probably don't really know that, or appreciate that. What they know is how I make them feel. Do they feel comfortable? Do they feel confident in the level of care? So that's what I focus on, and that's what I want to be able to do.

When you hear the name A-dec—or my progression of kind of learning about A-dec as a dental student and seeing that it had been the equipment at the school for years and years and that it was really kind of the highest quality equipment if a dental school's using it. To then being thoughtful about, well what equipment am I going to use and what's going to stand the test of time? For me, what I would say to other dentists about A-dec, is it's a company that you won't have to call on a lot, because it just works. It's that reputation and it's that understanding that there's quality and that the same level of thought and detail that I put into my dentistry and in my office design is the same level of thought and detail that goes into manufacturing this equipment.