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A-dec First Impressions | Main & Palmer Family Dentistry Customer Story

Duration 2:59

Drs. Jay Main and Lance Palmer looked to A-dec for a hand in designing their new, expanded dental office in Garden City, Kansas. Now the dental office design is complete with the latest dental technology and equipment, cozy feel, and plenty of room to grow.

Video transcript

We were starting out with an old building, and so we had to find a way to work within the existing structure, which was basically a large vacant rectangle. Here in Garden City, there's not just buildings just sitting around waiting to be rented out, or just a whole lot of areas. So, first and foremost, was finding a location. Once we found that, it's then procuring the architect, the builders, and just how much work goes into that.

We had 10 operatories at an old office that we made into 11. We were running out of space and then also thinking: how can we meet the needs of all of our patients and still be able to have time for families? And we needed more space so we could bring on another dentist to join us and help serve Garden City.

When you look at a building like this, and you see the walls, it's like, “wow that looks nice,” but there's a whole lot of just details that are dental specific. And there's no way you could do any of those without having a dental team. As far as the change in dental equipment, we kind of stuck with what we knew. A-dec has always been great equipment. The integrated technology with A-dec, has made us more efficient. Just by allowing us to save on the time that we would use to try and explain a lot of procedures. For example, we use intraoral cameras—a picture truly is worth a thousand words. And to be able to show the patients what we're seeing, and why they need the treatment they do, it goes a lot further than them trying to imagine what we're describing. And also, just the technology just helps with the workflow. Things just go a lot faster and smoother.

I think what makes it unique now, this new building, we have a lot of space—very large office. Yet it still feels quaint. Just in the first few weeks we've been open, we've had a lot of compliments from patients on how it just feels at home and very relaxing. We have a nice workflow, where we can see patients. If someone calls with a toothache, we needed to have a space to fit them in so they don't have to be told you have to wait two weeks, or something like that. The biggest thing was, again, having enough room for potential growth, even more so, in the future. Yet we still want that “at home” feel.

Any dentist that's considering building a new practice, I would recommend that they assemble a strong team. And then when you've got people around you that can help provide some guidance, trust them. And they've always taken care of us so I would have absolutely no problems recommending A-dec to a fellow dentist.