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A-dec First Impressions | Day Dental Customer Story

Duration 3:00

Brothers Dr. Isaac and Dr. Jacob Day turned their hopes into reality when they joined forces to become co-owners of their practice, Day Dental. There was just one issue: Not long after Dr. Jacob came on board, they realized they were rapidly outgrowing the space.

While building out plans for the new location it became clear that A-dec was the superior and enduring equipment they wanted to continue practicing with at the new location.

Video transcript

Dr. Isaac Day:
10 years ago, I founded Day Dental. My brother joined me about a year after that. We very quickly outgrew that space and then we decided to build the building and the new clinic here in the current location.

Dr. Jacob Day:
We had always hoped that we'd be able to practice together. He did the leg work there to get the clinic off the ground, but it was a brand new build here. Thankfully, he made a great name for himself, so I was able to come on in as soon as I graduated and we hit the ground running, practicing together ever since. My brother and I both really enjoyed doing surgery, in particular, taking out wisdom teeth, especially more surgically impacted cases. And doing implant dentistry, is a great passion for both of us. Ultimately, we just wanted to make sure that there was enough space for us to put our equipment and make sure that we were providing the highest quality work that we could, even in a small town space, wanted to make sure that we were essentially bringing the best elements of the advancements of dentistry from urban centers to our smaller community here in Inspo. So the reason we selected A-dec equipment is just that in our experience, in our training in dental school and working in other clinics, it was clear that A-dec was the superior equipment. We love the A-dec line of chairs and equipment, and in particular, happy with the fact that the chairs and equipment that we had 10 years ago with the original clinic space had lasted so well, even with heavy use over the last decade—that we were able to seamlessly move them into this new space that they were in superb condition.

Dr. Isaac Day:
We knew that if we were going to move and we had to build, that we could build to exactly what we wanted. We chose A-dec because we were looking for longevity. We found that in our previous location, the A-dec chairs, the A-dec cabinetry withstood the past decade extremely well. So much so that when we moved them to this location, they match and pair very well with our brand new A-dec chairs or brand new cabinetry. You can't tell the difference between the two. So, we went with A-dec specifically for that reason. Our overall workflow is much more smooth in this location. We found that in our previous location, there were only six ops and we were crawling all over each other. It was extremely noisy. The thought of adding more chairs seemed unrealistic. Now, in our current location, we have 10 chairs with a room for 12, and the noise is almost nonexistent. The flow is perfect. Since founding Day Dental, 10 years ago, I remember the very first day that we opened the doors there. It was our office manager, myself and my dental assistant. We now have a staff of 25 people. We've got a fantastic community here, and we're, we're pleased to have this space to come to work and to provide the best care we can to our patients.