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A-dec First Impressions | Clayton Family Smiles Customer Story

Duration 1:39

When sisters Dr. Vanessa Keller and Dr. Trisha Young opened their practice, Clayton Family Smiles in Clayton, Missouri, they knew a remodel was inevitable. They needed to maximize the functionality and workflow of their dental office design and make it feel more inviting. After conducting research and hearing from peers, they select dental quality leader, A-dec.

Video transcript

I knew I wanted to be a dentist as a kid and I went straight through college [and] went into dental school. My sister took a different route, but eventually decided to go back to dental school when she saw how happy I was being a dentist. As soon as I knew she was going back to dental school, our plan and our goal was to practice together as soon as she got out, and we were able to do so.

So, pretty much from day one when I started with this practice, I knew a remodel was inevitable. The driving factor for the expansion was definitely workflow and space. In addition to that, we were very inefficient with how we could get to patients, so I wanted a space that had a better workflow—that we could work in more efficiently. We could see more patients in a more efficient manner. And that, I would say, would be the number one reason that we wanted to expand.

I would say choosing the equipment was a bit of a no-brainer. A-dec has a phenomenal reputation within the dental community. But we did do our research we talked to dentist friends of ours that had recently remodeled. We talked to dentist friends of ours that had remodeled 20 years ago, and everybody kept saying “A-dec, A-dec, A-dec." And I think it was hugely beneficial to have somebody help guide us through the process because it can be extremely overwhelming when you sit down to try to plan a dental office build out. I'm so happy that we did it. We now have 20 years to enjoy this space together, and it's just something way better for us, to be able to—when we're ready—to move on, to give to somebody else to enjoy.