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A-dec First Impressions | Academy Dental Care Customer Story

Duration 1:33

With a focus on creating the best dental patient experience, Dr. Chelsea Gonzales and her partners at Academy Dental choose A-dec dental equipment to match their commitment to providing the highest level of dentistry.

Video transcript

I'm Chelsea Gonzales and I've been practicing for about 11 years here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our practice is really centered on creating the best patient experience. We really focus on making it so that it's easy to come to the dentist and so that people feel good when they're here.

We chose to use the highest-end equipment to match the level of dentistry that we provide, so we chose A-dec. It was a pretty easy decision because we were already used to using the top-of-the-line equipment and my team has been over the moon with our newest sterilization center, our A-dec chairs—everything has been so enjoyable in this new space.

A-dec has proven to be really reliable, and that's very important to us—and we needed to know that we had excellent support. We have had experience working with them and they had the best customer experience, and we've been really pleased with the way that everything went because we had an industry expert working behind the scenes with us. Our focus on the patient experience has been enhanced. And so now our patients can enjoy a really comfortable, beautiful space where they can get their dentistry done, and it's easy.