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A-dec First Impressions | AP&P Dental Customer Story

Duration 2:40

Doctors—and brothers—Caleb Kim and Tyler Kim of AP&P Dental have been practicing together in their Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, facility since 2015. Their combined specialties of prosthodontics and periodontics, along with general dentistry, provide their patients with efficient long-term care to meet all their dental needs. 

When visualizing their office update, Dr. Caleb knew that he wanted to create a comforting, relaxing environment to help ease any anxiety that patients may have. The doctors chose A-dec chairs and equipment—not just for their patients’ comfort—but also to provide themselves with the best  ergonomic support.

Video transcript

Dr. Caleb Kim:
My name is Dr. Caleb Kim, and I'm a board-certified prosthodontist and I've been practicing dentistry at this location in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey since 2015. My office build-out process was exciting, but yet it was quite challenging. We had to do it in two phases, mainly because the office was in full operation for many, many years. So we just couldn't stop, you know, treating patients, as they needed our help. And also we needed to have enough cash flow to be able to support the project. My ultimate goal was to create an ultimate dental home for my patients. So, you know, instead of being a typical looking dental office, I wanted to create an office that's more comforting, more relaxing, warming environment to our patients, because most patients when they walk into the office, they have a lot of anxiety in general, and that's why I incorporated wood flooring, sloothoing wall colors. So that's what I was trying to achieve.

Dr. Tyler Kim:
The best thing with having a multi-specialty for us is prosthodontics, general dentistry and periodontics, is that we can take care of patients long term, very efficiently. The main reason for the A-dec chair was literally because it's the best system. It makes not only the patient comfortable because it's a comfortable chair, but it's actually a very comfortable chair for the doctors as well. One thing is that the chair really goes down far, and I'm a short guy, so I didn't want to hurt my back. And when I do surgeries or other things, it really is the most comfortable chair I've worked at, and because I wanted to be practicing for 30, 40 years without back problems and shoulder problems. So for me, the equipment was most important, so that I have better posture when I practice. The second thing is that because of the long history with A-dec, it's always easier to find parts. It goes with anything in dentistry. Even in implants, you want to use a long-standing implant company because if something actually breaks, you have to be able to fix it. And with A-dec and the long history and their reputation, it makes it easy for long-standing maintenance for over hopefully 30, 40 years while we practice in this location.

Dr. Caleb Kim:
I mean, the company A-dec, they think from the dentist side—when they make their product, they basically developed a product that will be efficient and time-saving for both dentists as well as the staff members. They are very, very happy. And what makes my patient happy was my priority. And first thing in the morning when you walk into your office, now you feel good about it. And then I feel motivated to go through another day of providing the best care to my patient.