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A-dec First Impressions | All Smiles Dental Care Customer Story

Duration 2:30

Dr. Ashley Swisher of All Smiles Dental, realized she was quickly outgrowing the limits of her 3-operatory facility.


That meant upgrading to a much larger facility, with 10 operatories and a full functioning lab, to accommodate both her staff and her growing patient list. Along with that expanded level of quality care came the need for top quality dental equipment and technology.


After touring A-dec's Oregon campus, Dr. Swisher knew she'd found the perfect equipment fit for her vision of All Smiles Dental.

Video transcript

So, I was an associate right out of school. I had previous experience as a dental assistant and decided dental school was what I wanted to do in my career, and started my own practice. So the first six months we were in a really small confined location, and we were limited to three operatories. The old office square footage was, very intimate and there wasn't much privacy in it. We did not have room to grow. And even though I wasn't necessarily looking to grow our practice, it was naturally growing. And I had great team members that made that possible. So I needed to create spaces for them. So when we first purchased the new facility and built it, we had five operatories and I had a team of six. We've now expanded to fifteen team members and we have ten operatories and a full functioning lab.

So, we're able to provide services and get patient better care, quicker. And what we feel like is better quality than we're able to do without the technology that we have, the technology and brands that we chose were really based on industry standards and their history. My husband and I did visit the A-dec showroom. We saw the quality of work that they continue to produce and everything was sleek and modern and just really fit my vision. For me personally, it was really important to have great ergonomics in our practice. I love what I do when I want to continue to do it for a long time. The A-dec unit is very ergonomic and I wanted to be able to protect my back and my wrist and my eyes over time. And those are things that A-dec takes into consideration when they're developing everything from how they develop the syringes to the handpieces. Everything that we do with them has just been top quality. For me, again, ergonomics are really important, but for the patient, it's just as much a comforting factor for them to know they're gonna come and they can lay in the chair for a couple of hours and still be comfortable by the end of it. It allows me to be able to visualize things better when I can put them in better position and have access to areas that would be difficult for me to reach. So I think A-dec has the whole package.