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A-dec First Impressions | Allure Dental Boutique

Duration 1:59

Dr. Shabnam Tehrani wanted to stand out from the crowd when it came to bringing her dental practice to life. Her dream? Offer luxury dental care in a spa-like setting with spacious patient rooms, quality dental equipment, and tranquil aesthetics. Enter Allure Dental Boutique. Nestled in the desirable community of Lutz, Florida, Allure’s “comfort menu” includes such amenities as warm neck pillows, blankets, and even wine—to pamper patients and help them feel at ease.


Looking only for state-of-the-art dental equipment, Dr. Tehrani turned to A-dec to complete the high quality, high-comfort care experience for her patients—right down to the customized color of the dental chairs.

Video transcript

The boutique design that I wanted to have for Allure was something different than your normal everyday dental practice. I wanted to have oversized rooms. I wanted to have a comfortable space—nice and airy, where a patient could come in and feel like they've entered a spa, something that's not nerve wracking. And they have the comfort menu that they can choose from all these items that will make them feel like they're at home. Like a warm neck, pillow, blankets, or even wine. These were all things that I felt were necessary to make a patient feel special and feel comfortable in a dental environment.

The technology that I selected for the office, I knew that I had an idea of what I wanted based on the industry standards, but I was able to go and see the factory where some of the equipment's made and get a better look at the insight of how the quality stands up over the test of time. And that's very important to me because I need something that's going to be my workhorse and make sure that I can get the quality dentistry I want done. So what I was looking for in the equipment that I purchased was definitely comfort, quietness and I love the fact that A-dec was able to provide a customized color to the chair to match the aesthetic of my office. I also like the fact that it is conducive to the environment of that calm, tranquil, dental spa, feel. Everything that I've done for my practice, my equipment, my space is to serve my patients with the utmost quality of dentistry there is possible. The highest technology, comfort and care are very, very important as well. And integrity at the highest point. And I'm able to deliver all of that with what I've been able to build with Allure.