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Drs. Rebecca Ferns And Casey Rhoads Visit A-dec

Duration :48

Drs. Rebecca Ferns and Casey Rhoads reveal how their A-dec Education Experience gave them the hands-on insights they needed to understand A-dec's commitment to quality and choose dental equipment for their practice.

Video transcript

Dr. Rebecca Ferns: Hi, I'm Dr. Rebecca Ferns.

Dr. Casey Rhoads: And I'm Dr. Casey Rhoads.

Dr. Rebecca Ferns: And we were so excited to come to the A-dec campus today and get a tour of the space. We were able to see the entire space and see how all of the equipment that we're going to be ordering is manufactured. And that was really insightful into how we're gonna use it in our practice.

Dr. Casey Rhoads: We really enjoyed the design aspects—someone taking us through everything, so we could see all the different options, and how they would look together. It really helped us decide kind of how we wanted to take our startup and what we want it to look like, so thank you.

Dr. Rebecca Ferns: Thank you.