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Dr. Molly Sigler And Guests Visit A-dec

Duration 1:41

Dr. Molly Sigler and her two guests reveal how their A-dec Education Experience gave them the hands-on insights they needed to understand A-dec's commitment to quality—and choose dental equipment for their practice.

Video transcript

Dr. Molly Sigler: I think it was an amazing experience to see all of the different options that there are, and they're very professional and they helped so much with making those decisions.

Guest One: I think it's amazing for the doctors to come and look at all of the A-dec equipment because it's just amazing. It's amazing quality. I think it's also important that if they can, they bring some staff, as long as staff is very understanding and helpful, it was such an eye-opening experience that I was very pleased and got to enjoy.

Guest Two: Alright, I think that first of all, seeing the quality of the product—so taking you through the actual facility where they make it, and seeing the proof of how good the product is, the quality of the product and the passion that not only the sales team has, but the workforce has, that is making this product, I think is unmatched. And it carries through every part of this business. And I think that's amazing. You don't feel like you're at a car dealership, getting all kinds of a big to-do sales pitch. You really feel like they're listening and they are so helpful and so down to earth. You can be completely honest and a hundred percent transparent and you cannot put a price tag on that. So, A-dec all the way. I would highly recommend it to anybody who is considering remodeling, rebuilding, building new—whatever you need to do. This is the way to go.