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Dynamic Screen 7

Duration 2:11

With A-dec+ and an updatable software platform, the A-dec 500 Pro delivery supports your dental team with a new level of connection—and the Dynamic Screen 7 (DS7) is the core.   

Video transcript

Enabled with A-dec+ and an updated software platform, the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system supports your dental team with a new level of connection. And the dynamic screen 7 is the core. With a simplified interface, the DS7 displays only the information you need for the procedure at hand, so you can focus on your patient. While rooted in simplicity, the DS7 is dynamic and highly customizable, including the ability to customize the interface with your preferred language. And scrolling options Make navigating the screen just as easy—gloved or ungloved.

During procedures, your customized preset options let you confidently position patients to keep them comfortable and adjust on the fly with on-screen chair positioning visual confirmations. Customizable timers in your field of vision help maximize awareness during time-sensitive procedures. And activity-specified memory buttons let you define up to four presets per function, with a single touch.

The DS7 screen design lets you—and your assistant easily see and monitor the screen from any angle. During important procedures, just swipe up to the Quick Access Chair Controls to reposition your patient. At the end of the day, a lock screen feature makes wiping down equipment safe and efficient. Pull forward all tubing and the auto flush activation screen pops up providing timed or manual flushes at the touch of a button. With an updateable software platform, maintenance checklists, and on-screen diagnostic access. The A-dec 500 Pro delivery helps you work more efficiently and predictably for the life of your practice. As your requirements grow, you'll have the digital foundation in place to manage increased demands and evolve your practice.