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A-dec 500 Pro Delivery System

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We depend on technology to make our lives easier. What if your dental equipment did the same? Discover how a new updatable software platform brings you a new level of connection today and sets the foundation for future updates to keep you ready for tomorrow.

Video transcript

We depend on technology. Not technology for the sake of it, but for how it makes our lives easier and better prepared for what the day will bring. What if your dental equipment did the same?

Introducing the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system. Enabled with A-dec+, an updateable software platform that brings you a new level of connection. With the confidence that your A-dec equipment is always updated and consistent. You'll know just what to expect day after day, patient after patient. While they enjoy the exceptional comfort and support of the A-dec 500 chair, you'll appreciate that everything you need is easy to position and comfortably within reach. And with the DS7 touchscreen, you'll see just what you need in the moment. Just right patient positioning and dynamic presets that change when you select an instrument. Keeping non-essential information behind the scenes, so you can stay focused on your patient. Intuitive and easy to use, the A-dec 500 Pro seamlessly integrates workflows into your day, while visual cues and automations support equipment maintenance on the backend. And at the end of the day, reminders and updates ensure that you'll be ready for tomorrow—no matter what it brings.