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Get Comfortable With Our Continental® Delivery

Duration 1:07

Just how easy is it to switch from an A-dec Traditional to Continental® delivery system? Listen as Dr. Matt Roane of Roane Family Dental shares his experience—and why he’s become a fan for life.

Learn more at: https://www.a-dec.com/delivery-systems/a-dec-500

Video transcript

I used a Traditional Delivery System with A-dec before—at the old office. In this office, we switched to the Continental System where you just lay the handpiece down, you don't have to dock it, which was the best decision I made. I actually hadn't used that system before. I just tried it out at the A-dec facility. I was like, I think I'm gonna like this. And so, I went ahead and went with the Continental Delivery System and completely outfitted it with, you know, electric handpieces and the works. And it has been, from an ergonomic standpoint, it has been amazing. I'm not fighting gravity, pulling that tube down. It's just, it's just floating there in my hand. And then when I'm done, I don't even have to look at the dock. I let go of the handpiece and it goes right to where it's supposed to go. With the old system, I would get sometimes temporary pain in my back and neck a little bit. That's completely gone now. Anyone that's considering switching from the Traditional Delivery System to the Continental Delivery System, I would say the learning curve is instant.