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A-dec 500 Dental Chair Cleaning and Disinfecting

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Explore these general principles on cleaning and disinfecting your A-dec 500 dental chair.

Video transcript

So as we talk about cleaning and disinfecting your new A-dec 500 chair it's really important that we follow the asepsis guidelines that we recommend. So we actually recommend a warm, soapy water solution. I tell all of my offices to get a spray bottle and put that soapy water solution into that spray bottle. When they're ready to clean and turn over that room, they take that spray bottle, they spray it onto a cloth. They then wipe that chair down and that will maintain the upholstery on that chair for an extended period of time. It won't dry and crack like you would find with the caustic alcohol-based materials that a lot of offices like to soak their chairs in. If you find the need that you had a patient that you got blood on the chair, urine on the chair, anything like that, you can then take your alcoholic based cleaners—under 20% alcohol, spray it onto a cloth, wipe it down.

Or if you don't use the spray, you can use the wipes. Wipe down on the chair, let it sit for its recommended kill time. On average, most manufacturers are one to three minutes. And then from there, come back around and go ahead and take that warm, soapy water solution. Go ahead and spray it onto the cloth again, and then wipe down and what we're actually wiping down as we're wiping down that film that is left over from those, those alcoholic cleaners. And that's going to allow this material to breathe. It's not gonna dry it out. It's not going to crack. It's going to maintain itself for an extended period of time. As we move from talking about wiping the chair down, as if we look at utilizing barriers, I recommend utilizing a head cover barrier. When we utilize the head cover barrier, I actually recommend taking that head cover barrier and coming from the bottom up.

And the reason I recommend coming from the bottom up is based on the fact that if we come from the top down and we cover the whole mechanism here, it makes it hard to utilize that pinch lever which can make it more difficult to articulate that patient's head, which will then have you less likely to utilize the headrest to its full functionality. If we utilize full chair barriers, what I actually recommend is I recommend taking this headrest aiming a little high, and then giving yourself a little bit of lag for when the patient sits in the chair with that barrier on the chair, you can then come back, slide this down a little bit, and then you can adjust that headrest as needed. As far as armrests are concerned, we can wipe these down with our alcoholic base cleaners. We would then come back with our soapy water solution once again, spray those down and clean those off. If we collect any dust or any dirt underneath the toe board cover here, we can actually get up underneath this and wipe this down as well. And that is our asepsis and cleaning and disinfecting for your new 500 chair. If you have any questions, you can reach out to your local A-dec TM (Territory Manager).