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Connected dentistry at A-dec

How to Bring Connected Dentistry Into Your Operatory

Introducing A-dec+

Connected products are virtually everywhere you look: from fitness trackers to digital doorbells to smart refrigerators. And while most of us don’t use the official, technical term “Internet of Things” (IoT) to describe them, we understand the benefits of choosing a smart product.

Surprisingly, while IoT has been utilized in other industries for years, it’s still relatively new in dentistry; and much of the Internet of Dental Things (IoDT) is focused on improving the patient’s experience. (Think of scheduling apps that show appointment availability in real time, or smart toothbrushes that send the patient’s brushing data to their doctor or hygienist.)

Even so, IoDT has incredible potential to advance, improve, and transform the way you practice dentistry—especially with the advent of connected dental operatory equipment.

Future-proof your practice with connected dentistry

For the first time, A-dec is introducing IoDT into the operatory, with two new delivery systems that take connected dentistry a step forward: the A-dec 500 Pro and A-dec 300 Pro.

Imagine being able to see all your connected A-dec equipment in one centralized place, and easily access data that makes it easier to optimize practice efficiency and product longevity. Now it’s possible.

Both the A-dec 500 Pro and A-dec 300 Pro delivery systems utilize A-dec+, an upgradable software platform at the heart of A-dec’s breakthrough technological ecosystem.

A-dec+ technology is the digital foundation that:

  • Provides valuable insight into the usage and long-term performance of connected A-dec equipment via one centralized dashboard.
  • Simplifies ongoing equipment maintenance and troubleshooting with easily accessible equipment diagnostic data.
  • Manages equipment assets across a single practice or multi-clinic organization.
  • Enables seamless transitions during treatment with integrated access to handpieces, clinical devices, chair, and light functions all on one user interface.

As technology becomes more advanced, A-dec+ software updates will enable your connected A-dec products to evolve.

A-dec 500 Pro delivery system with A-dec+ connected dentistry

Connect to what’s next

A-dec+ connectivity helps you work more efficiently and predictably for the life of your practice. Integrate the latest clinical products now, and easily add new services and features in the future.

The A-dec 500 Pro delivery system comes fully enabled with A-dec+ software, and adding the A-dec+ Gateway makes the software accessible on the 300 Pro delivery system. Both delivery systems also feature new user interfaces to support A-dec+ software: the Dynamic Screen 7 touchscreen on the A-dec 500 Pro, and the Control Pad 5i on the A-dec 300 Pro.

The future of dentistry is connected—and now, you can be ready for what’s next. Both the A-dec 500 Pro and A-dec 300 Pro delivery systems are available for order now. Talk to your A-dec representative to learn more.