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Color palette for A-dec dental chair upholstery

This New Color Palette is a Natural


With design, we surround ourselves in color that affects mood, energy and mindfulness. And design trends continually transform. In 2023, we see a return to moody tones that represent strength, earthiness and positivity, and biophilic design, which brings the awe of our planet into our spaces and connects us with the natural environment. Biophilic environments use nature-inspired tones in finishes such as statement wallpapers, natural materials, plants, flora pops of color, and natural light. In step with biophilic design, A-dec’s new upholstery colors embrace earth-inspired tones that are on-trend, yet timeless. The updated palette includes rich, yet adaptable colors and as always, are made for the rigors of our dental environment.

Lori Saleba, professional interior designer and dental resource consultant, assisted A-dec’s team in curating this new collection. Her goal was to bring an earth-inspired palette to the line with, “Tones that are natural to our planet, and include colors from earth, atmosphere, flora and fauna.” While trends come and go, natural colors found all around us are timeless. “Dental environments strive to provide a relaxing, inviting professional ambiance. When selecting major elements such as the dental furniture, a focus on timeless choices is important,” states Lori. “We love to see this furniture looking as fresh as the day it was installed years down the road.” Timeless selections provide longevity in design. If trendy colors appeal to your aesthetic, it’s achievable with paint, art and textiles that are easily updated.

Luxurious, down-to-earth colors for your operatory

A-dec’s newest upholstery palette is on-trend with nature-inspired design, while exuding timeless, upscale luxury:

  • Arugula — earthy, fresh, soothing
  • Blueberry — deep, moody, serene
  • Poseidon — timeless, earthy, regal
  • Salt — pristine, crisp, modern
  • Schooner — malleable, soft, dusky
  • Shore — warm, sandy, neutral
  • St. John — serene, classic, engaging
  • Vivid Punch — expressive, vibrant, confident

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Vivid Punch, an A-dec exclusive in partnership with worldwide color standard leader Pantone® and high-performance fabric maker, Ultrafabrics®, reflects the Pantone 2023 color of the year. Bold. Expressive. Confident. It can be beautifully incorporated into any operatory for added energy.

Lori recommends looking at the 70’s and 80’s inspirational use of colors. It was an energetic era! Think of the atmosphere and flora for Vivid Punch, and mix it with orange, purple and pink tones. Go back to those atmospheric and floral colors and the blend becomes energetic, not just one vivid pink. For example, she recommends a piece of art reflecting these rich colors to tie it all together. “Rhythm and repetition are important for cohesive design. Vivid is your jewel in the room, not your entire palette. It’s your punch.”

Warm natural scenes that match Vivid Punch upholstery colors

Mix Vivid Punch with atmosphere, flora, and fauna tones.

Nature becomes art

Another favorite way Lori incorporates natural elements into an office is to go outside the box of framed art and consider nature’s bounty for art statements. She has asked doctors to find beautiful pieces of local wood such as a piece of driftwood or Madrona branch, clean it up, and it becomes a gorgeous textural piece of art! Previous clients have engaged in the challenge and a team approach has discovered wonderful pieces. Not only is the team invested, but this added touch provides a bespoke piece of art with personality (and a story!).

Ready to explore your design aesthetic?

If you’re visiting Newberg, plan to attend one of our monthly Design Days with Lori Saleba. Your complimentary session will help you gain insights into the dental design environment. Lori is available to help select finishes including flooring (LVT and carpet), dental furniture, chair upholstery and paint, as well as answer questions regarding everything from dental specific lighting (temps and CRI), space planning and workflow, to acoustics. Our goal is to provide selections and samples to reflect your design inspirations and confidence that your choices create a cohesive, inspired work environment.

Contact your Territory Manager for details—and be sure to sign up in advance to secure your design session.