JADE Air Purifier, By Surgically Clean Air

Duration 1:39

Ultra-quiet air filtration makes an impact. JADE Air Purifier, by Surgically Clean Air, silently filters large and tiny particles and pathogens to re-energize and clean the air in dental operatories. A-dec offers the JADE Air Purifier exclusively to the dental industry.

Video Transcript

Everything that is strong, is perceived as loud. But when it comes to air filtration, you don't need to make noise to make an impact.

The Surgically Clean Air, JADE. An air purifier with robust technologies that can filter and re-energize large quantities of air. It features a HEPA-Rx and pre-filter, that act as a capturing layer. Going for big particles and ultra-fine particles. Its next layer is an activated carbon filter that absorbs and captures volatile organic compounds and noxious odors, from viruses, to bacteria. The chamber packs a three-punch layer. And while most purifiers stop at the capture stage, the JADE takes it one step further, re-energizing clean, pure [air], creating negative ions within the revitalizing chamber. The JADE also monitors air quality in real-time. Utilizing smart sensor technology that helps you breathe better air.

The Surgically Clean Air JADE is silent power that helps reduce bio-aerosols created by dental procedures. And air exhaled by patients, which can remain airborne for up to 41 hours. The JADE ensures dentists, hygienists and staff feel comfortable at work, helping you breathe better air. But don't just take our word for it, ask the thousands of dental officers we've helped. Be prepared for your patients and staff. Meet the most powerful, yet quietest air purifier. The Surgically Clean Air, JADE.