Inspiring Success With Doctor Mark Tholen

Duration 2:11

Watch how Dr. Mark Tholen can help you grow the potential of your practice. In this CE course, you will get tips on how to hone your ideas, avoid common pitfalls, and assemble a project team to create a healthy and financially sound dental space. Whether you're remodeling, relocating or building new, investing in a well-designed practice pays off.

Video Transcript

It's great to have an office that has a wow factor, a sizzle. We all want that, but what's more important, is having an office that has tremendous functionality.

As much as we have a practice, It's also a business. When we're designing an office, we're not just designing a beautiful environment. We're actually designing a facility that is going to create a high level of production for you and minimize your stress. And the way that's really going to happen is that we have observed how people move inside the office, inside the operatory, at the front desk. The average dental assistant's gonna walk between 80 and a hundred times a day between sterilization and the operatories—we want to minimize that. We create offices that move like a Swiss watch. Okay. That's what many of our clients will say. The conference is all about minimization of repetitive movement. And that is what is the secret to enhancing productivity and to minimizing the physical and the emotional stress inside your office. Not only do we tell you what to do, then you come into the workshops and you actually do it. And by the time you leave the two-day conference, you've got all the tools you're going to need in order to make some very, very big decisions and hopefully some very good decisions. I've had countless number of doctors come up to me at the end of the program and say, I had no idea all of this information existed. I had no idea how efficient my office really could be. And I wish I had come to the program years ago.