A-dec 360

Practice in a Safe and Healthy Environment

A-dec has built extra sterilization measures into our products for decades. Yet now, with an ever-increasing concern for mitigating risk and maintaining a clean environment, we are supporting dental teams with a growing line of solutions to guard your practice.

A-dec 360 reflects an unwavering commitment to help you maintain a safe and healthy environment for your practice, your team, and your patients.

Whether chemical or built-in, A-dec 360 supports the constant, ongoing task of maintenance.

Equipment, products and tools of the trade for the meticulous processes that prevent cross contamination and infection.

A-dec 360 Prevention

Equipment to manage aerosol spread and improve overall air quality in the operatory and beyond.

A-dec 360 Maintenance

Keep Bacteria at Bay

Whether chemical or built-in, thoughtful details that keep bacteria at bay are a core part of A-dec DNA. Our growing line of dental-specific solutions takes this critical task seriously.

A-dec IXC waterline treatment

ICX Waterline Treatment Solutions (U.S.)

ICX waterline treatment tablets and ICX Renew waterline shock treatment work together to eliminate buildups of odor-causing, foul-tasting microbial contamination and to prevent future accumulation.


ICX Waterline Treatment Solutions (Canada)

A-dec's ICX waterline treatment tablets and ICX Restore dental unit shock treatment helps simplify your waterline cleaning routine. Ready to use and formulated without harsh chemicals, ICX products will maintain your dental unit waterlines and equipment, protecting your investment.

A-dec ICV plate

ICV Kit for Large Bore HVE

A-dec offers a convenient ICV conversion kit to accommodate the new 15mm HVE. It’s as easy as changing out the faceplate! Then, just connect the HVE and saliva ejector to the ICV, open the valve and press the start button. In two minutes or less, the vacuum lines are purged and ready for your next patient.

A-dec Evacuation System Cleaner

A-dec Evacuation System Cleaner

A vacuum pump is at the core of a practice. Keep it running at peak performance—and avoid costly repairs and downtime—with A-dec Evacuation System Cleaner. Easy to use, A-dec's unique, multi-enzyme solution is specifically formulated to dissolve and remove organic and inorganic debris that may build up over time.

A-dec 360 Sterilization

Make Infection Control Second Nature

Everything starts with a process—a repeatable one—for your entire team. A-dec is hard at work behind the scenes, to help eliminate cross contamination and ensure that infection control becomes second nature.

A-dec sterilization center

Sterilization Centers

A-dec sterilization centers are organized into functional workspaces, with specified areas for receiving, cleaning, preparation, packaging, sterilization and storage. You can easily group together related steps, streamlining the flow of materials while creating a safe, consistent sterilization process. Our modular, exponentially configurable units adapt to any floorplan: large, small or irregular.

Is Your Practice Fully Protected?

Take the interactive Protect & Prevent assessment to learn your score—then discover tips, resources and solutions to improve it.

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A-dec 360 Prevention

Defend Your Environment

With a renewed focus on dental environmental health, A-dec is here to support you with proactive solutions that quietly and continuously defend your practice.

Large bore HVE

Large Bore HVE (15mm)

Increase aerosol capture without replacing your equipment. The A-dec Large Bore HVE removes 22-45% more air from the oral cavity than our standard 11mm HVE. Fast and easy to install, it integrates seamlessly into your existing A-dec equipment (and integrated ICV system) with no additional tubing, connections or operatory space needed.

A-dec Third-Hand HVE Holder

Third-Hand HVE Holder

Efficiency and safety come together in a hands-free solution for aerosol capture. The A-dec Third-Hand HVE Holder makes it easier to practice two-handed dentistry. The flexible arm securely positions the HVE tip to within 1” of the oral cavity—delivering precise, effortless aerosol capture while keeping hands free for scalers and instruments.

JADE A-dec 360 Prevention Feature

JADE Air Purifier by Surgically Clean Air

With six stages of filtration technology, JADE is one of the world's most advanced stand-alone air purifiers. Designed to quietly and efficiency move large volumes of air, JADE captures up to 99.998% of viruses, bacteria, odors and pollutants, then releases clean, re-energized air back into the room.