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A-dec First Impressions | Vivid Prosthodontics

Duration 2:16

When Dr. Michelle Burson decided to open her first practice, Vivid Prosthodontics in Iowa City, Iowa, she knew she wanted her facility to be technology-forward with a streamlined, long-lasting system that ensured a clean and welcoming environment for her patients—and she needed equipment to mirror that desire. Dr. Burson turned to A-dec, because “A-dec made the best of the best.”

Along with A-dec chairs, she outfitted her facility with our sterilization center to help with efficiencies and again, ensure cleanliness.

Video transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Burson. I'm the owner of Vivid Prosthodontics here in Iowa City. I graduated in 2018 from dental school and residency in 2021, and this is my very first practice. 

We're a full-service prosthodontic practice, so we do everything from dentures to veneers to full mouth rehabilitations. Anything that involves restoring a lot of teeth, to structure on their surrounding structures. So, us Prosthodontists, we really like things our way. I wanted everything to be technology-forward. I wanted everything to be comfortable and clean. And I knew I wanted to create my own systems, I wanted everyone to be relaxed and comfortable when they first walked in. That experience is really challenging for a lot of people that need to see a prosthodontist because they've had a lot of work done, they've had a lot of experiences and everyone comes from a different walk of life. So I wanted my patients to walk in and feel comfortable from the very moment that they step foot across our threshold. From that, I wanted technology forward. They're getting a lot of treatment done. They deserve to have the best with good tested materials and equipment. So I knew I wanted something that was gonna be long lasting and that I wouldn't have to do a lot of maintenance to. That's kind of the theme of my specialty as well as how I wanna practice. So I wanted equipment to mirror that. I wanted something that when I come in I just turn a button and it's on and it works. I also wanted something that was gonna last a really long time. A-dec made the best of the best. 

So, for the sterilization, A-dec made it a lot easier because it's literally color-coded—machines go in certain spots—and everything is just so organized and so it just helps my staff be much more efficient and you can literally open up the cabinets, and see what you need more of right away. So it just made us a lot more efficient and the look is just beautiful as well. I've had a few patients that I saw before. I own this practice and they come in and they are so ecstatic about the equipment and the feel of the overall practice. Their first initial reaction is not, 'Oh, I'm at the dentist'. It's comfort. I think that the project turned out exactly how I wanted it to, and I'm really happy with where we're at.