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A-dec First Impressions | Spanish Fork Dentistry Customer Story

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Located in Spanish Fork, Utah, with a view of the Rocky Mountains, Dr. Rachel Shaw and her partners expand their practice by adding a new dental office just three miles away. With a key focus on infection control, ergonomics, and technology, they chose A-dec dental equipment to align with their mission of providing the highest level of dentistry possible. The new dental office design fulfills those goals and delivers comfort to doctors and patients alike.

Video transcript

My name is Rachel Shaw. I've been practicing for five and a half years, and I'm a dentist in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Spanish Fork Dentistry is an expansion of another dental practice in Springville, called Springville Dentistry. With the new equipment that we have in our office, our overall workflow is just incredibly different—like night and day difference—from our previous office. The equipment that we're supplied with here from A-dec, it's been really great to see how it works so well with the patients and make them feel more comfortable. It also helps us be more efficient with our patients. Our sterilization room is awesome, the flow through our sterilization room has just been great.

When we were looking into what equipment that we wanted in this office, we did a lot of research with different companies. And actually, we ended up going with A-dec because their equipment has one of the longest lives in dentistry, and we use our dental equipment so much that it was one of our priorities. Also, it looks very clean, and it looks very professional. And last, we wanted to make sure that our dentists were comfortable and that our patients were comfortable. The ergonomics that A-dec provides is just wonderful, and so that was some of the determining factors for why we went with A-dec.

Here at Spanish Fork Dentistry, we provide the highest level that we can, to our patients in treatment. And we wanted a brand that could meet that expectation, that could help facilitate the treatment that we wanted to provide to our patients. And that is what A-dec means to us. We chose A-dec because their equipment is extremely easy to use, it also helps to make the procedures go faster and more efficient for the patient and for the dentist. As a team we did visit A-dec. We were able to see the showroom and the factory line where the A-dec equipment was produced. And it was nice to watch that because we knew that it was being made with quality. So, it's really good to see that. The Spanish Fork community has really embraced what we hold as a priority as dentists, here at Spanish Fork Dentistry. And so, I think that over time our practice will continue to grow as it is.