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A-dec First Impressions | Smiles on Randolph Customer Story

Duration 2:55

One Saturday afternoon in 1979, Chanbo Sim visited his uncle's friend's dental facility. Right then and there, he knew his future was in dentistry. Today, Dr. Chanbo Sim owns two successful dental practices, located in Indiana. When he decided it was time to open his second facility, Smiles on Randolph, he knew he would continue his partnership with A-dec. After all, his equipment is still going strong, 23 years later.

Committed to being kind and doing things right, Dr. Sim plans to choose A-dec in the future. "This is only the beginning."

Video transcript

My name is Chanbo Sim. My practice name is Smiles on Randolph, located in Crown Point, Indiana. In 1979, I got to visit one of my uncle's friends, who was a dentist on a Saturday afternoon, and I absolutely enjoyed it. My parents brought us here to better ourselves because they went through the Korean War, and I believed that I had to succeed in the medical field to represent not only for me, but for my parents sacrificing their lives. My future plans in dentistry is to practice for 30 more years to guide and mentor my daughter, who will be becoming a dentist in three years. 

A-dec has supported me for the last 24 years, since 1998 when I decided to use them for my renovation. I've tried every other dental equipment, it just fits right, and it lasted 23 years, and I'm currently still using (A-dec) in my old office, and it's the most comfortable thing I could possibly use on our patients, and they feel comfortable sitting in that chair. In November, I got to visit Nashville headquarters and I got to experience A-dec experience in a room. What, I saw in there, reminded me of my parents. About doing it right and what they taught me to be kind, be grateful and be humble. I was just blown away about the experience I had. And that's the reason why I stick by my model to try to be good, not just the patients, but the staff and, overall life. In my opinion, from being a dentist for the last 32 years, A-dec has been the best dental chair equipment out there, and that's why I chose A-dec over anybody else. And I plan to choose A-dec in the future. This is only the beginning.