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A-dec First Impressions | Restoration Dental Studio Customer Story

Duration 2:10

Dr. Emily Svetanoff of Restoration Dental Studio opened her state-of-the-art facility in Valparaiso, Indiana, in 2020. Her focus? To make sure that every patient who comes through the doors feels like part of the Restoration family. Top-notch equipment and private operatories complete with noise-cancelling headphones, help create an environment that allows patients to get comfortable and relax for the duration of the appointment.

Once her A-dec Territory Manager told her about the Smart Start program for doctors, the decision was easy.

A-dec’s Smart Start program helps dentists create the first-time practice of their dreams. And to that, Dr. Svetanoff recommends to “Go for it all the way.”

Video transcript

When I was growing up, my family dentist that I was visiting showed me that dentistry was so much more than just, cleanings. And, you know, going to a doctor, he showed me that you could have relationships with patients, and dentistry was the perfect form of medicine where you actually spend time to get to know your patients. And there's an artistic component as well, which makes it really fun. You know, I have an amazing team and we focus to have a great patient experience. So from the second that a patient calls the office, they feel like they're a part of our family. And when they're here, the focus and the priority is on them. So anything that we can do to make them comfortable, to make them experience dentistry in a positive way. A lot of patients have, you know, dental anxiety or are nervous going to the dentist, and we try to eliminate that, you know, for our patients.

Some of the things that our practice offers to help patients feel less anxious—we have TVs, we have noise canceling headphones so they can listen to the music of their choice. And all of our rooms are completely private. You know, which helps patients be able to feel comfortable to be themselves, to ask questions and, you know, to learn about the treatment that we recommend without worrying about, you know, who else may hear it? You know, what sets us apart from other dental practices in the area is that, you know, we have the best equipment, the best technology, and the best team, and we're able to give a patient experience that no other office is able to give them. A-dec's program (Smart Start) for startup doctors allowed me to go all out for my practice. You know, doing a startup is a big undertaking, and, you know, with the program that A-dec has in place for doctors like myself, made it possible for me to get the practice of my dreams. My advice would be, you know, to be confident in yourself, you know, and if you have a dream and you have a vision for how you can practice dentistry, to go for it, you know, and go for it all the way.