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A-dec First Impressions | Premier Pediatric Dentistry Customer Story

Duration 2:26

Dr. Ashley Rosenbaum built Premier Pediatric Dentistry with a clear vision: Create a personalized, high-quality dental experience for kids, good enough for her own children. Hear her story on choosing A-dec dental equipment for its modern design and unparalleled reliability that will serve her dental practice for years to come.

Video transcript

My name is Dr. Ashley Rosenbaum. I work at Premier Pediatric Dentistry in Coral Gables, Florida.

When I built Premier Pediatric Dentistry, I wanted to be sure that I was building a place that I wanted my own children to receive dental care from. So, for me, it was always about selecting the best equipment, the best employees, the best materials. I wanted to do the best that I could, to provide the kids with a premier dental experience.

Our office focuses on personalized care for kids. I find that health care is moving away from that so we're trying to just kind of round it back, and bring it back to what I think is the most important thing about health care in general, is just that personalization and customization. I wanted the premier, top of the line experience for our patients. That means the best dental equipment, the best dental materials, and A-dec fit into that. In terms of aesthetics, function, durability and reliability. So, there was no question in my mind, I was always going with A-dec.

For dentists, equipment is everything. This is what you're using to treat your patients. If my equipment fails, I simply cannot do my job. That's why I'm confident knowing that I have A-dec in my office, that is reliable and high quality. So, it has to be functioning, and also, it's a major focal point of your office—so for me, it has to be aesthetic. Notoriously, dental chairs and dental equipment is not aesthetic. But what I noticed with the A-dec equipment that we purchased is that it really complements the office, it gives it a modern feel. The look, the function, I think that patients are responsive to the care that we took and the detail that we planned in making the office look and function as best as it could.

I think it's really important for dentists, when they're building their office, to make that initial investment into something that's going to make your day easier, make your treatment for your patients better, and also last the life of your practice. I truly believe that A-dec is worth the investment, worth the wait. Don't skip steps. Take the time to get the equipment that's going to serve your practice for years and years to come.