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A-dec First Impressions testimonial | Pensacola Kids Dentistry

Duration 2:28

With a growing pediatric dental practice, Drs. Allison Simmons and Neil Simmons needed to expand their dental office design into a “forever home.” The new spacious environment now supports more dental services and operatories and provides a serene, comfortable environment for kids and parents.

Video transcript

My name's Dr. Allison Simmons. We're here in Pensacola, Florida, at Pensacola Kids Dentistry—and we've been practicing for seven years.

We actually had a lot of new patients that were needing to come into our office and we didn't have the proper space for them to be able to be in. So, we came to a point where, if we wanted to facilitate the need for new patients, we had to grow. We're actually able to do IV sedation in our office, and so what we needed was an area to just set up, to have more room for all of the monitoring equipment. So, that was a great thing that we were able to add in our new office.

We knew with moving to our new office, that this was going to be our “forever home”. So, we wanted to really not hold back on what we were going to provide for our patients. We really wanted to have comfortable chairs, for our patients, and for our parents that were here. And we really shopped around and decided on going with the A-dec brand, which was a wonderful company to work with. We were actually able to go out to Portland, their headquarters, and pick every surface, every countertop, and really make it customized, to what we wanted for ourselves and our patients. Having this new office has been all about our patients.

So, my husband and I had a dream that we wanted to set up this office and make it an experience for families. Not only for kids but for parents. And having this new office has made that come to life. As soon as you walk in, we want it to feel like you're in our living room, somewhere relaxed, where we can really feel at home.

We are so happy with how our operatories turned out. We have plenty of space, so that's one thing that we really wanted to do when we were here. And the other thing was to really have nice, sturdy equipment that could be able to go from left-handed to right-handed—since my husband and I are both left-handed—and our assistants are right. So, this has made it really easy to move back and forth. We have loved how the sterilization area has turned out. It's been so easy for our staff to be able to get everything turned over really quickly. I love too, how easy it is to have the wrap station right here, so our assistants don't have to bend very far. And then the ease of having the autoclaves on top of each other over here, so we're able to run a lot of instruments at once. And then it makes it so easy to have our clean side so readily available and that it's so nice and wide where a lot of our staff can be in here at the same time, so we can keep up our efficiency and have everything ready when we need it.

We have gotten such great reviews since we've been in our new office. But really, just seeing it all come to life has been amazing.