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A-dec First Impressions | Next Level Dentistry Customer Story

Duration 1:24

Dr. Daysy Pinero of Next Level Dentistry in Coral Springs, Florida, speaks about why A-dec's quality, ergonomic dental equipment is the "right choice" to support a healthy dental practice for years to come.

Video transcript

When I was a very new dentist, I didn't know the importance of ergonomics. And you never really pay attention to your health. To your position. How you're working. If you really want to practice dentistry in the long term, you have to take care of yourself. Time will teach you, ergonomics is the number one priority in every single piece of equipment that you choose for your office. After doing all the research before deciding what equipment I would buy, A-dec was the right choice.

I went with A-dec for everything. My chairs, my real delivery, all my cabinets. But more important than that, is that they last. You want to select the best family, the best group, the best company. But at the end of the day, it’s the best and most reliable equipment. The features that I look into equipment is that they make my life easier. So, I want everything to flow the best way and the easiest way. I can’t imagine doing my job without the peace of mind that all my equipment is working to 100%. Reliable equipment is my priority, and A-dec is reliable.