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A-dec First Impressions | New Horizon Institute Customer Story

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Dr. Justin Moody's Implant Pathway, now called The Pathway, provides doctors with continuing education focused on dental implants and other pathways of dentistry. Through New Horizon Institute, Pathway doctors offer life-changing dental and surgical care to patients who otherwise would never be able to afford it. To meet the growing demand for these services, Dr. Moody added a new surgical center complete with A-dec dental equipment and technology that seamlessly integrates dental education with live patient care.

Video transcript

New Horizon Dental Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dental clinic that is designed to provide affordable dental work to the greater Phoenix community. And you know, really anyone. We see people that just can't afford dentistry. That's what we're here for. So in 2016, I founded Implant Pathway, which is a continuing education service company that provides continuing education to dentists to learn how to implement dental implants into their practice. Ultimately, what goes on here in the clinic is a hands-on, live patient surgical component to it. We have such a unique environment here that we can bring in dentists from around the country to perform services to the people here in the area at no charge. We found that we had such a demand of patients that we needed more space. So down the hall we went, to another open suite, and we built out this surgical center.

It looks like an eight-operatory, dental practice, like you would find anywhere else. Operatory sizes are just a little bit bigger, but they're designed with maximum technology to implement the implant education into the live patient care. Since this surgical center was completed, we just been on this growth curve. I have no idea how many teeth we've extracted, but it's in the tens of thousands. What I do know is we've placed around 8,000 dental implants all donated by BioHorizons, and you can pull whatever number that is on there. You can take that times, whatever an implant costs, and whoever's practiced. You can get an idea of the millions of dollars of donated dental services that we're able to do for the people of this area. This space has just been a catalyst for so much more, dental work that's been given away. This is not about just placing implants and not about the patient. This clinic is only about the patient. And in that process of taking care of the patient, dentists get the opportunity to serve them. And that's what makes this—literally, I have the best job on the planet. I really do.