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A-dec First Impressions | McAllister Dentistry Customer Story

Duration 2:18

After working as an associate at other facilities, Dr. Jessie McAllister decided it was time to open her own practice—back in her hometown of Ottawa, Ontario.

After a career-ending injury and her gymnast days behind her, it was extremely important to invest in dental equipment that fit her ergonomic needs. And that meant that for McAllister Dentistry, it had to be A-dec chairs—there was no question in her mind.

Video transcript

My name is Jessie McAllister and I'm from Ottawa, Ontario. I decided to open my practice here in Ottawa, about five years ago. This is my hometown, so I was born and raised here, so it was a natural fit for me to come back to Ottawa and open the practice. And I wanted to open my own practice just to create sort of a warm and really welcoming environment for everyone. I want patients to feel comfortable. I want them to feel at home when they walk into our office. We greet them with a smile, we'll prepare a nice coffee for them to feel relaxed if they're waiting, and just to really treat our patients as though they were family. So, we know that going to the dentist is something that is sometimes anxiety-inducing. We know that patients are nervous coming in through the doors, and we want them to feel comfortable. We want them to feel relaxed, and we want them to feel at ease.

One little-known fact about me is that I used to be a competitive gymnast. And unfortunately, during my career as a gymnast, I had a career-ending injury where I suffered severe neck and back pain, and working at other dental clinics with the equipment, I found that I struggled and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to continue my career in dentistry. When I started using the A-dec equipment, I found that I could practice comfortably. The way that it's designed is so ergonomic and comfortable for us, and also comfortable for the patient. So I was able to see everything I needed to see, to position the patient where I need them to be, to carry out those procedures and I can work comfortably, pain-free. Using A-dec. A-dec is, is definitely the best in the industry. It's the best that I've tried so far in my career. I've worked at several different dental offices as an associate. I've tried all kinds of different equipment, and truly nothing compares to A-dec. So I knew that when I started my practice, it had to be A-dec. There was never a question in my mind.