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A-dec First Impressions | Leonard Kundel, DMD, Customer Story

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When Dr. Kundel opened his new NYC dental practice, he wanted it to reflect the modern elegance of the city around him. His dental office design now includes the latest technology, high quality A-dec dental equipment, and attractive spaces—all to help his patients feel comfortable and confident in the dental care they receive.

Video transcript

We built this office, keeping in mind that we're in New York City. So, we wanted to have the feel of New York. I decided to employ the most current and latest technology, for the comfort, but also for the quality of care. When people see the new equipment—high quality equipment—such as A-dec chairs, they understand that they are in the hands of a professional who wants the best for them. If you are a new dentist or you are thinking to expand, my one advice for you: Make sure you have a good team on your side, who will help you build your dream.