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A-dec First Impressions | Espire Dental Customer Story

Duration 2:16

Learn why Dr. Brett Levin attributes the growth of his dental practice, Espire Dental, to the high-quality dental experiences they provide patients, as well as to the long-standing relationship they've built with A-dec. With more than 19 locations in the U.S., Espire Dental continues to choose A-dec for its unparalleled dental chairs and reputation for excellence.

Video transcript

My name is Dr. Brett Levin. I am the co-founder of Espire Dental. Espire was previously known as Levin Family Dental. It was a practice where I had joined my father. The practice was built upon relationships and treating people well and doing the right thing. In the span of seven years, we went from a six-chair practice to a twelve-chair practice. We expanded multiple times in kind of adjacent space. We were able to use A-dec every time we did the expansion. Trying to create a different type of dental experience. High patient touch, high patient experience, high team experience, and just again, treat people well. And as we've done that, we've been able to grow that footprint from one location, to now we are at nineteen. It was really an easy choice to continue to stay with A-dec. Their quality of chair, the longevity of the product, the quality of how it was made and really their, their representation, within our community—the dental community, and their reputation was second to none in terms of what we would get by going with them.

When I think of A-dec, the first thing that comes to mind is quality. A-dec has a commitment to making a good product, standing behind it, and making sure that the entire company is supportive of what you have in your office. As we have scaled Espire, we have had the benefit of working with A-dec, and they have really supported our growth. They saw what we were trying to do. Believed in us and, put us in their emerging markets platform. As we grew and grew quickly, they put us in our, in the large DSO platform and that has made, you know, a significant impact on our ability to continue to invest in our patients and our practices.