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A-dec First Impressions | Epic Dental

Duration 2:34

After 15 years at a large DSO, Dr. Heather Jones makes the break to open her own dental practice, Epic Dental, with a little guidance from A-dec. By visiting A-dec in Oregon to test drive dental equipment and learn about the Smart Start program, she was sold. As part of Smart Start, Dr. Jones was able to maximize her initial budget and enjoy ongoing savings for the first two years of opening her practice. She found that investing in A-dec equipment was an investment in her future.


Now looking back, the only thing she wishes? That she would have taken the leap to open her own practice sooner.

Video transcript

My name is Dr. Heather L. Jones. As of recently, I worked for a large DSO for 15 years. And then I decided it was time to take it on myself. And I made the break. Here I am, my own practice in Centerton (Arkansas). I grew up in Arkansas. This area was always a desirable area, even when I was younger. When I decided to come back to Arkansas, after living in other states, I had looked here and saw that the growth and the opportunity was humbling, it was amazing what was going on.

Owning your own practice is a lot of work, but more importantly, it's extremely rewarding because it's yours and you are putting all the work in and you're doing what needs to be done for the people. The (A-dec) Smart Start program was a benefit in starting this practice because it helped me save money on what I wanted. So I was able to equip more operatories than if I had not had that program. Then it gave me two years to continue purchasing at the same discount, which to me was a blessing because that way I didn't feel that I needed to overload myself in purchasing everything at one time—I had a little time to build up the practice and build up my revenue so that I could then purchase more equipment, which then as a cycle, we would again build more of my practice when I visited A-dec in Portland was amazing.

Absolutely amazing from the moment I walked in, till the second we walked out. The love that they have for their job and for their doctors. Honestly, that's what sold me on A-dec. But I'm also, I'm getting top quality, backed by the best customer service and the best team that I know that's out there. I know where this equipment comes from. I know how it's built. I know the love that's put into it at the factory. When I think about my practice and about where it is today, I feel really good about where things are going. I wish I would've told myself to take the leap sooner. Would I say that A-dec is the best in the industry and worth the wait? Absolutely.