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Drs. Fadi And Georges Raffoul Visit A-dec

Duration :59

Drs. Fadi And Georges Raffoul explain why their A-dec Education Experience was an essential step to finalizing their dental equipment purchasing decisions—and why they encourage all dentists to visit A-dec, too.

Video transcript

Dr. Fadi Raffoul: Hi there. I'm Dr. Fadi Raffoul, and this is my brother Georges. We spent the day at A-dec and it's been an eye-opening experience. I think just seeing how the products are manufactured and how proud everybody is at each step of the way—I thought it was very impressive that they take accountability for each step of the process. It looks like it would be a wonderful product. Can't wait to try the chairs and can't wait to kind of put this to work. 

Dr. Georges Raffoul: Yeah, the engineering of the chairs, the culture here, how they take accountability for their own actions, and how—most importantly is that A-dec would like to retain long-term doctors and customers. And that's the most important to us. It's not a chuck and turn kind of place.