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Dr. Patrick Jordan Visits A-dec

Duration 1:10

Dr. Patrick Jordan explains why his A-dec Education Experience was an essential step to finalizing his A-dec dental equipment purchasing decisions—and why he encourages all dentists to visit A-dec, too.

Video transcript

For doctors considering to visit A-dec, I think it gives you a good reason to purchase their equipment. You get to see the behind-the-scenes detail and what goes into their cabinets, for example, and the detail and all the extras that go into it that you just don't have with other companies. It is, eye-opening to see that along with them being able to see the demo, room where everything is set up and how the flow works and the different options on your modules. And it really makes picking out what you want for your final design, very easy, because you have hands-on experience of what it's really gonna be like and that's everything from the chairs to the cabinets, how it's gonna flow. And then, even with the sterilization center, exactly what it's gonna look like and how big it's going to be and how nice it's going to flow from, the modules as you go down from the entry to the exit point. So, it's definitely been well worth our trip and I'd recommend this to anyone to be able to experience and really see what you're getting with all their, great products.