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Dr. Meredith Gantos Visits A-dec

Duration 1:49

Dr. Meredith Gantos of Gantos Dental Group discusses why her A-dec Education Experience and campus visit were instrumental in better understanding A-dec quality and ultimately investing in A-dec dental equipment.

Video transcript

When I went to visit A-dec, my expectations were, I would say, pretty surface level. I thought, you know, it would be nice to see some different colors, sit in a couple different chairs. I thought it was going to be, you know, relatively routine when you go to somebody's showroom and check out their equipment.

What I was really pleasantly surprised to find out, is that as you go on the tour, and you actually see the different tests that the equipment goes through and how they're actually manufactured and come together. Even just the faces of the people working there and doing it, and to see that they're treated well, and they're happy, and they take a lot of pride in the work that they do, was really unexpectedly cool. And I was so happy that I got to have that experience. And it added so much more value to the equipment.

You know, it really wasn't just equipment at that point. It was so much more of a thoughtful investment. And it was a partner that I wanted to partner with. And it was a level of quality, that I knew would help take me on the next journey with my practice, and also translate to my patients. Right, because I practice quality care, so I want the entire experience to be about quality and have that high-end feel to it. For me, that was when I knew that A-dec was the right way to go, and what I wanted in my office. To see that the same level of detail and quality that I put into my dentistry is what A-dec puts into their equipment, it was a match made in heaven, I guess. As dorky as that sounds, but I just knew that that was a good partnership for me.

I would definitely encourage anybody to go check it out, because I think once you see how this equipment is made, it really changes your perception on even what you're looking for when evaluating what equipment to buy.