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Dr. Gantos Shares The Importance Of a Making A Great First Impression

Duration 1:05

Dr. Meredith Gantos of Gantos Dental Group in Naperville, Illinois, discusses how first impressions can impact a patient's dental experience.

"There's a million dentists out there, and what really separates different dental offices is the experience people have."

Video transcript

First impressions are so unbelievably crucial, and I think anybody in business would tell you that. Because people are going to make the majority of their judgment based off of that initial impression. Right? Does it feel clean? Is their thought put into how instruments are treated and stored?

One of the things that I really love about our office design, is our sterilization center is out in the open, right? And it's color coded. So there's a red section and there's a blue section and there's a really natural flow to it, but it's not hidden. Patients walk by it as they're going to the operatories and they see what's happening there and they see, you know, that there is a natural flow to it and there's a lot of thought, and we're not hiding things and we take a lot of care and precision in what we do to make sure that we're providing a really safe environment.

There's a million dentists out there, and what really separates different dental offices, I think is the experience patients have, right? You're gonna get your teeth cleaned no matter where you go. You're gonna get, you know your fillings done, no matter where you go. It's who's greeting you and how do you feel when you're in that care.